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YOLO (You Only Label Once) SALE – Lovable Labels

Spring is here in full force!  I can hardly believe it.  That means it’s time to pack up the winter gear and start bringing out the spring and summer clothes.  Rubber Boots, splash pants, raincoats and umbrellas all need to be labeled for pre-school and play dates. Lovable Labels is here to make that job […]

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Private Island Party – Cinco De Mayo Edition – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. “Cinco De Mayo” is fast approaching! Folks from the US and Mexico partake in festivals, fiestas, dances, fireworks, food and music in honor of the holiday.  In Canada it isn’t a holiday that is observed by many, but at my house it is a cause […]

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SPORT All-terrain, lightweight sporty cane – REVIEW

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. When I saw that the SABI SPORT all-terrain, lightweight sporty cane was up for review, I could think of two very special people in my life that would benefit from using a cane.  One is my father (Lud) and the other is Uncle Boo.  I […]

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Grab Your Cake by the Handle – Free Canadian Coupon

Who doesn’t love cake? Choose your favourite Mug Cake card to send to a friend and get a coupon for a FREE Mug Cake just for sharing! Coupons available through Save.ca while supplies last. Get Your Coupon!

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Disney Movie Rewards – Free Codes

Disney has a fun trivia game to earn a total of 30 reward points!  I knew 3 out of the 6 questions, without looking them up.  How many did you guess right? You have until April 30th to enter the codes.  If you don’t want to answer the trivia questions yourself I’ve placed the answers […]

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Free Kindle Cookbooks and More! – April 14, 2014

Promise Me This Inescapable (Road to Kingdom Book #1) Prophecy Of The Female Warrior (The Nephilim Warrior Series) Cake Ball Recipes: The Ultimate Collection – Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes Vampire Apocalypse: A World Torn Asunder (Vampire Apocalypse Book 1) JeBouffe Home Canning Step by Step Guide (second edition) Revised and Expanded

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Waiting For Spring – Papers Set 3

Here is Set 3 in the Wishing For Spring set.  It is very similar to the other two in the set.  The difference is the butterfly overlay is a slightly different colour. Be sure to collect the other papers in this series. Waiting For Spring – WFS-PPS-BO3 – Papers Set 3 Terms of Use Other […]

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Cane Handle

Lud and Uncle Boo’s Thoughts on the SABI Sport Cane

LUD’S THOUGHTS The SABI Sport Cane is very light weight.  The center of gravity is perfect and gives me a great sense of security.  I can walk without the fear of falling. The cane’s handle is easy to grip and is not cumbersome.  The cane is easy to handle on a carpets or hard surfaces.  […]

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GTG: Gifts To Grow Rewards Pampers

Pampers Gifts to Grow – 25 Points!

My Pampers Gifts to Grow codes are adding up!  I’m finding it difficult to decide what to cash them in for!  What are you saving up for? Here are three codes for a total of 25 points! REGBRU5E4CPA79D – 10 points (expiry date unknown) TWITNWRK893E014 – 5 points (expiry date unknown) FBNHSWRBKE32V14 – 10 points […]

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Waiting For Spring – Free Digital Papers – Set 2

It was a beautiful day out today.  My son and I took the morning to play outside on the walkway drawing pictures with sidewalk chalk.  This weather has been a long time coming!  I hope it stays this way! This set looks very similar to Set 1.  If you compare the two you will notice […]

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Waiting For Spring – Free Digital Scrapbooking Papers

It’s spring but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Today I saw a beautiful pictures of some crocus and it had me daydreaming for warmer days.  I used the colours from that image as my inspiration.  Hope you like it. This is the first of a series of papers. Waiting For Spring – WFS-PPS-BO1.zip – […]

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Books April 6

Free Children’s Kindle Books and More!

City of Blaze (The Fireblade Array) Dead Dreams Book 1: A Young Adult Psychological Thriller Children’s EBook: ONE HUNDRED EGGS FOR HENRIETTA (Fun, Adorable Easter Bedtime Story/Picture Book with 35 Whimsical Illustrations, about Being Helpful and Working Together, Ages 2- 8) 21 Days to Change Your Body Easter Egg Hunt : Riddles for kids by […]

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Eighties Babies

Eighties Babies: Awesome ’80s Go Lullaby – REVIEW

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Do you have a favourite number?  Mine is now 2.5!  Why  have a chosen this number?  It’s the exact number of songs that it takes for my daughter to fall asleep while listening to the “Eighties Babies: Awesome ’80s Go Lullaby” download from Jammy Jams. […]

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