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When We Last Spoke by Marci Henna – #WhenWeLastSpoke #FlyBy

“Welcome to Fireside, Texas – Where no strangers are known! Home of the free and the brave, and the everlasting polite person. We never take the last cookie. No one eats beets, but we thank the hostess for them, anyway. Population: eight hundred forty-seven. Climate: cheerful and cozy. Main industry: minding our children and our

Kids Email

As my kids are growing up they are looking to become more independent. As a parent it can be hard to give them the freedom they crave, especially when they are online. As adults we know the dangers that lurk in the online world, while our children see it through the eyes of innocence. “Kids

Kids Email

This year for Christmas we purchased new laptops for our children. They love to be online, but I’m often worried about their safety, especially now that they can read and write on their own. How does a mom keep her child safe while online? One way is “Kids Email”¬†an email program designed to keep kids

Bible Belles: Abigail the Belle of Bravery

It seems that everyday that girls are told that they need to use their beauty to be successful. Internet and TV ads display girls using their bodies instead of their brains. It seems like everywhere you turn that girls are being told that if they aren’t beautiful they are nothing. “The Adventures of Rooney Cruz

Where Jesus Slept

Each year at the beginning of advent I fill a basket and set it under the tree. It’s filled with books, one for each of the days leading up to Christmas day. The kids look forward to picking a book from the basket and reading it together as a family. I try to keep each

Happy Birthday Lovable Labels!

Happy Birthday Lovable Labels! To celebrate they are having a sale! Shop now, because it ends October 31, 2016! The deals are fabulous and would make wonderful stocking stuffers and teacher gifts at Christmas time! 50% off Back To School Packs 50% off Mini Dots 50% off Clothing Dots 50% off Sticker Labels 50% off

Lovable Labels Wall Art

I remember decorating the children’s nursery and then again re-decorating as they got older. I wanted to make sure each room was a place my children love to be. As they get older, they are wanting to put their own stamp on each room. Moving things around and changing up items. Replacing pictures was pain

Baby Baby

Reading together with your child creates memories that last a lifetime. I can still remember sitting by my grandmother, as she sat in her rocking chair by the window, reading “Scat Scat Little Cat”. I don’t remember much of the story, but I remember the time that I spent with my Grandmother and she meant

Live On Forever – The Afters

Recently our little Island went through a major scare. Someone called in a bomb threat which resulted in the evacuation of all the schools. Thankfully no one was hurt, but it still terrified many parents and the children involved. After sweeping the schools, they were reopened the next day but many parents and children were

The Biggest Story DVD and Audiobook – #TheBiggestStory #Flyby

Every night we take some time to read to the children just before bed. They love to hear Bible stories and certainly have their favourites. My daughter can now read on her own, but there are some stories that just need to be read aloud…Delivery is everything! “The Biggest Story – How the Snake Crusher