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Disney Movie Rewards – 25 Points!

DMRScramble2Disney Movie Rewards is celebrating Easter with a fun word scramble!  Unscramble each word and enter it in to the Magic Code box to earn 5 points each for a total of 25 points!

Not a member of Disney Movie Rewards?  It’s easy and FREE to sign up  and the rewards are awesome.  Earn points and redeem them for gift cards, movies and lot of other cool stuff.  There are even awesome printables you can redeem for 0 points.


Offer valid until April 6, 2015.

Disney Movie Rewards – 50 Points!

Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie RewardsWho doesn’t love Disney?  Belle from Beauty and the Beast is my all time favourite.  Who is your favourite?

They’ve released a NEW FREE Disney Movie Rewards code for 50 Points! Login to your Disney Movie Rewards account, enter the code DMRTY2 for 50 reward points.

Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie RewardsDisney Movie Rewards is celebrating 2 Million Fans on Facebook by releasing a code for 75 points! How awesome is  that!  I can’t decide what reward I’m saving up for, but while I decide I’ve been taking advantage of the free downloads they have available for kids.  Colouring pages and crafts galore!

Enter code DMR2MIL by September 14, 2014 to claim your 75 points!

Disney Movie Rewards – 5 Points!

disneyRewardsAre you the Ultimate Disney Fan?  Head on over to the Disney Rewards Facebook page and play their trivia game and put your knowledge to the test! You will earn a Magic Code to redeem on DisneyMovieRewards.com! Get a top score and you’ll get a code for even more points!

They have a new game the first and third Monday of the month!

If you aren’t a member already, signing up is free and easy. Collecting codes is simple, whenever you buy a Disney movie or see one in the theater you earn points that you can save up to redeem for cool rewards! They also release free codes which is how I collect most of mine!


Disney Movie Rewards – 10 point code

bearsIn celebrations of Disney Nature’s movie BEARS go to Disney Movie Rewards account and enter the code BEARS to receive 10 free points!

When you enter the code you also snag an added bonus!  It unlocks the Disney Nature’s Bear educator guide!


Disney Movie Rewards Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie RewardsHave some Valentine’s Day Fun and unscramble the Valentine’s Day Words!  When you finish log into your Disney Movie Rewards account and enter them into the magic code box to earn some valuable reward points!

Valentine’s Day Word Scramble