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USA Hockey – The Hockey IntelliGym: UPDATE 1.5 YEARS LATER


IntelligymA year and a half in, and still going strong! I still enjoy using the Intelligym, and do notice subtle differences in my game when I’m using it regularly. The big thing I’m working on now is staying calm. If I’m wound up during one of my sessions (or on the ice), I rush and make more mistakes than usual. When I’m calm, it’s much easier to be patient and take that extra second you (sometimes) need to make a play. Right now’s a great time for me to work on my confidence and patience, since we’re just playing summer hockey. Looking forward to seeing how it affects my game in another couple of months when regular season starts. Thanks again Intelligym!

USA Hockey IntelliGym:

**UPDATE 2012:
USA Hockey The Hockey IntelliGym: UPDATE 1 YEAR LATER

**Update 1.5 Years Later:
USA Hockey The Hockey IntelliGym: UPDATE 1.5 YEARS LATER

**Update 2 Years Later:
USA Hockey – The Hockey IntelliGym 2 Years Later

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Revolt Now Fitness – July Uprising Week 1

Revolt Now Fitness

Revolt Now FitnessIt’s July!  That means Canada Day Celebrations…Cake and party foods!  I’ve decided this to start back with my workouts.  I haven’t taken any measurements but what I did do was focus on doing the workouts.

I am struggling with the videos at the moment.  My internet connection is horrid…I could use some other choice words, but horrid will have to do.  I need to plan out my workout so that I can start buffering the videos so that they are ready for me to go when I am ready.

I really enjoy the workouts this week.  I pushed myself a little too hard.  My legs were really sore, but it felt great.  I felt like I accomplished something and am working towards one of my goals of getting back to Karate.  Since I haven’t been doing the workouts for most of June they felt incredibly hard.  I’m starting back at square one but I think I’m okay with that.  I just really need to remember that I’m not in the same shape I was back in 2008 and I need to work within my limits now, and not be disappointed in what I can’t do anymore.

The program is evolving each week.  As more and more ideas flow through the group, Nichole and her awesome team implement the best of the ideas.  It’s great to see and work with a program that is working “with” you and changing to meet the needs of the users.

Try a Free week of the Revolt Now Fitness!

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Revolt Now Fitness – June Uprising Week 3

Revolt Now Fitness

Revolt Now FitnessIt’s week three of the June Revolt Uprising.  I haven’t done anything more than think about what I should be doing and how disappointed I am in myself for not following through.  Despite my failures these past couple of weeks, Revolt fitness does work.

The weeks where I have followed the plan (and I haven’t followed any weeks perfectly) I had results, but it required work and determination on my part.  The excitement has faded  and I just keep finding myself making excuse after excuse.

This week I took the kids on vacation to the mainland.  We had a great time, but I didn’t make any time for “me”.  That meant that I missed out on my workouts the first half of the week and decided that I’d just start fresh “next” week.  Isn’t it always better to start something fresh at the beginning of the week?  See how easy it is to make excuses?

The great thing about the Revolt Now Fitness is that even though I’ve been slacking off, I am still participating with the group on facebook.  Seeing the results that people who are working hard and following the plan make me want to do get back on track.  I want to be healthier so that I can keep up with my kids.  The numbers on the scale don’t really mean much to me, but it’s more about how I feel about me.

Revolt Fitness works, but only if you are willing to put forth the effort.


Revolt Now Fitness – June Uprising Week 4

Revolt Now Fitness

Revolt Now Fitness

There isn’t much to report, I’ve completely and utterly fallen off the boat and haven’t even tried swimming to shore.  I still keep in touch through the facebook group and the feelings of “I need to do something” are lingering.

I’m amazed at the results people are getting and am so jealous that I’m not getting those same results, but how can I when I haven’t put forth the effort?

Revolt works, and it worked for me when I was putting forth the effort.  Why am I struggling?  I still have a million excuses…none of them valid.  Maybe it’s the heat, maybe I’m just lazy or maybe it’s just because it’s summertime. Whatever the reason I need to figure it out, and do something to fix the situation.

Try a Free week of the Revolt Now Fitness!

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Revolt Fitness – June Uprising Week 2 – The Beginning of my Derailment

Revolt Now Fitness

Revolt Now FitnessSo last week was the beginning of the end for me…this is the start of my derailment from the Revolt Fitness Program.  The excitement from the first few weeks has faded.  I did okay while on vacation.  I tried my best to workout when I could and eat as well as I could with the spread of buffets before me.  Once I got home, my best intentions went by the wayside.

I had been working out when my son took his nap. My daughter was upset that I had gone on vacation for a whole week and didn’t take her with me, so I used the nap time as one on one time with her.  It wasn’t a big sacrifice because I have discovered that I really don’t like doing the Tabatas that we are doing this month.

My excuses for not working out:

Excuse 1:  I’m tired…I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.

Excuse 2: I really need to get caught up on laundry and house cleaning

Excuse 3: It’s sunny out, too nice to be working out indoors

and the list goes on and on and on…

I found a million excuses not to workout or follow the menu plan.  So here I sit, at the end of the week with nothing to show you except for some excuses as to why I didn’t work out.

Revolt Now Fitness Works even on Vacation! – June Uprising Week 1

Revolt Now Fitness

Revolt Now FitnessThe first week of the June Revolt Now Fitness Uprising happened on my vacation.  After last week being a complete bust for me, I was determined to make the best of it even if I was on vacation.

The great thing about the Revolt program is that it travels with you. I had my laptop so I was able to do the workout at the hotel.  This week we did Tabata’s.  I was able to do these in the comfort of my hotel room. The Revolt workouts are awesome for doing in the hotel rooms as they don’t require much space to do.  I did skip the body sculpting workouts.  The gym at the hotel wasn’t air conditioned and I wasn’t used to the heat in Las Vegas.  Back home when I left it was 50F and it was over 105F in Vegas, so I found it very difficult to do anything strenuous in the heat without feeling sick.

SubwayAgain I didn’t follow the diet, but we did try to make healthier choices while we were gone. We tried to have one meal each day that wasn’t fried.  We ate at Subway quite often, getting a ham sandwich with lots of veggies.  We skipped out on the pop and cookies, which was hard since I absolutely love their white chip macadamia nut cookies.

We ate at a lot of buffets and tried to fill up on veggies and turkey.  The buffets were hard though since you wanted to “get your money’s worth”.  What was nice about them was that you could control your portion sizes and choose what you wanted.  One buffet had a nacho/fajita station where I was able to fill my plate up with salsa, chicken and fresh veggies.  It was a wonderful fresh meal.

I did find it hard to avoid the dessert stations.  Since it was vacation I decided that it was okay to splurge and eat my favourites.  So I did have some cheesecake and some other yummy things.

We drank lots and lots of water while we were out. We made sure to buy water to fill up out water bottles.  I allowed myself a soda with supper since I dislike the chlorine taste of the water.

We tried to walk as much as we could.  In the heat of the day we would hop on the bus down the strip, but when it cooled down later at night we would take the walk back to the hotel.

One of the biggest things I learned this week is that Revolt Now Fitness works anywhere, even on vacation.  Again I don’t have measurements to share, but I will take them this week and have them posted next week all ready for a fresh start. I did weigh myself tonight and I am still down to 162.2 lbs.  So I put on 1lb since week three, which I think is pretty good for being on vacation.

The vacation is over, and I am back to my real life.  I am going to do the detox diet plan this week to help clear my system of the food I ate while on vacation.  It’s wonderful to have an accessible plan and support group behind me while I try to get back on track.





Revolt Now Fitness – Week 5

Revolt Now Fitness

Revolt Now FitnessWeek 5 was a complete bust for me.  I spent the week getting ready for our vacation.  I spent much of my time getting ready to leave on vacation the next week.  Between cleaning the house and doing the outside yard work and a couple trips in town meant that I didn’t always pick the right foods to eat.  I had fast food from the local burger joint twice and missed a workout.

In the past, when I had weeks like this, it almost always led to complete failure.  Once my exercise train was derailed I always found it really hard to get back on track.  Since I’m behind on these posts, I can tell you now, that was not the case.  I was able to jump back on track, even on my vacation.

One of the great things about the Revolt Now Fitness program is that the support group is on facebook.  So when you are having a bad day…or week…you can just pop on and read how other people are doing, and there is almost always someone else who has had a bad week too.  Even better than that, you see a post from someone who had an amazing week and it pushes you to continue on where you left off because you want to see those results too!

Overall I maintained my position on the scales, not losing anything, but not gaining any weight either.

Try a Free week of the Revolt Now Fitness!

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Revolt Now Fitness – Week 4

Revolt Now Fitness

Revolt Now FitnessI must apologize now for the late posts, summer and vacation got away with me.  I don’t have my stats to share with you right now.  I had them written down but my paper has gone missing, I think a certain toddler may have taken it for a colouring sheet…

Week 4 –  I loosely followed the diet plan.  As you can tell, I haven’t followed the plan exactly to date, but I use it as guideline to help me know what and how much I should be eating.

I did the workouts.  I found that this week I was stronger and had more stamina to keep up with Nichole.  My close are fitting a little better now, and I just “feel” better.

I didn’t see a change in weight this week, and I know I’m not getting the result that I should because I’m not following the diet and the workout for maximum results, but I am happy with the results that I am getting and I’m losing weight, getting stronger and becoming more healthy on my terms in a way that works for me thanks to Revolt Now Fitness.   I was never sure where to start, how to continue and when I had questions who to ask where to turn to for help.  Now I have Nichole and a whole team of people working with me and working out and losing weight no longer feels like a journey to take alone, but one to take along with friends.

Try a Free week of the Revolt Now Fitness!


Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my completely honest opinion above and may differ from yours

Revolt Now Fitness – Week 3

Revolt Now Fitness

Revolt Now Fitness It’s been three weeks since I’ve started with Revolt Now Fitness.  This week I really struggled with the menu plan…well, by struggle I mean I never followed it at all.  Another birthday started the week and I just never recovered.  I resisted the sweets and treats last week, but one more cake began my spiral into the world of sweets and treats!

The week started out with a birthday celebration for a great friend of ours.  The meal just screamed for my daughters favourite, chicken fingers and fries.  I should have made my own chicken fingers and fries but I didn’t…I bought them at the grocery store. I knew that night that my willpower was dwindling so I made sure to send the leftover cake home with him.

Then the next day my daughter wanted to bake.  I should have opted for something healthy but instead we made gluten-free chocolate chip and peanut butter chip cookies.  So now we have had 3.5 dozen cookies.

We also went out for dinner with the kids and although I tried to order something healthy, my steak arrived smothered in cheese and onion rings. My mashed potatoes, were french fries. Not at all what I was expecting.

Throughout the week I did try to make healthier choices but they most certainly weren’t what they should have been. One thing I like about the Revolt program is that there isn’t any guilt associated with it.  If you make a poor choice, accept it, learn from and start fresh NOW.  Don’t wait until next week or the next Uprising. Start now!

Since I started with Revolt Now Fitness I noticed that my skin had cleared up and I had more energy. Now after a week of eating sweets my skin is breaking out and I’m definitely feeling sluggish.  It’s amazing the changes in diet can have on a person.

I was successful with the workouts.  I make a point of doing them as soon as I am sure that my son is napping.  My daughter is usually there cheering me on.  I love how it feels like I have I personal trainer in the room with me.  I have been struggling with a pain in my lower abs.  It shows up after I’ve done any core exercises and my stomach muscles are tired.  It’s not a workout sore, its more of a “Hmm…that isn’t right.”

The great thing about working out with the Revolt Now Fitness crew is that you can customize the workouts to fit your fitness level and ability.  So when that pain shows, I modify the exercise and keep going.  It’s amazing the results you can see and feel in as little as 30 minutes a day.

My Results

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Change
Starting Weight 164.0 163.4 161.6 -2.4lbs
Chest 41 41 40 -1 inch
Waist 41.75 41 40 -1.75 inches
Hips 41 40.25 40 -1 inch

 Try a Free week of the Revolt Now Fitness!

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my completely honest opinion above and may differ from yours.