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Lovable Labels – Birthday Bash!

ShoesIt’s been a little over two months since I’ve reviewed the Back-To-School Pack of Lovable Labels.  These are great for labeling all of your child’s items for school (or anywhere).  Initially I had some concerns about the labels.  Would they really last the school year?  If I put the thermos and water bottles in the dishwasher will the label “really” stay on, or will it wear and fad and become illegible over time?

Since the review my daughter has been wearing her sneakers and using her thermos and water bottles at least three days a week (sometimes more) and I’m happy to say that the labels are still working perfectly.  The ones in her sneakers have remained legible and still continue to stick inside without moving around at all.  She’s worn them outside, with and without socks and in the rain.  She  has generally abused her sneakers as most kids do!

juiceThe label on her water bottle still looks as fresh as the day I put it on.  It’s been hand washed AND put through the dishwasher and remains steadfast.  I love the convenience of these labels.  Everything at pre-school needs to be labeled, so I keep the pack by the door so when my daughter decides to take a new stuffed animal to school I can simply grab a sticker, slap it on and head out the door! They are soo convenient!  No looking for a permanent marker and no more praying that it doesn’t bleed through the material!  Lovable Labels has made labeling your stuff fun and more importantly easy!

Now why am I telling you all this?  I wanted to tell you about the big Lovable Labels Birthday Bash  that is happening now until October 19, 2013!  If you haven’t tried these labels out yet, here is your chance!  I know you will love them as much as I do.

lovableLabelsLovable Labels is turning 10 and we’re smack dab in the middle of their celebration!  Visit their website to join in the celebration.  They have a Deal of the Day happening where you can take advantage of a daily special offer. Act fast though, each special only lasts for 24 hours.

To stay up to date and get offers delivered right to your inbox be sure to sign up for their newsletter!

To learn more about Lovable Labels or to order please visit:
Website: http://www.lovablelabels.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovablelabels.officialfanpage
Twitter: @mylovablelabels



** I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.






Bully Bean – Review

BullyBeanCoverAuthor: Thomas Weck and Peter Weck;
Illustrations: by Len DiSalvo
ISBN: 978-1-933872-05-6
Pub Date: July 1st, 2013
Published by: Lima Bear Press, LLC
Distributed by: Small Press United (from IPG).

My daughter started pre-school last month. She was incredibly excited and couldn’t wait to start, but along with that excitement she had some fears. What if the kids don’t like me? What if they are mean to me? What if they take my things? Although she wasn’t sure of the word, what she really was worried about was being bullied.

I was thrilled when Bully Bean appeared in my mailbox for review.  It is another book in the Lima Bear Series. All the books in this series have an underlying theme of friendship, kindness and doing what is right (even when it might be hard).  Each book is an independent story, but some of the characters, like our favourite Lima Bear, are reoccurring.

Despite stating the obvious, Bully Bean is the story of a Bully living in the Kingdom of Beandom.  He is a mean to everyone.  He plays mean tricks and puts others in danger, no one wants to be his friend.  He is most often found picking on the littlest bear in all of Beandom, Lima Bear.  Lima Bear is always helping others, but when Bully Bean finds himself in danger, will Lima Bear find the courage to rescue him?

BullyBeanPage17This book was a great example for my daughter on how to recognize a bully and how we can react to him/her.  We started to discuss why bullies act the way they do.  Is it because of the things we do (or don’t do) to them? What would you do if you saw a friend being bullied?  Are you a bully?

As with all the other books from Lima Bear Press, this has extra learning materials in the back. One suggestion is that you take some time to learn about Pulley’s and invent your own machine.  My budding inventor thought this was great!  As a parent, I would suggest taking the time to read some of these suggestions.  Aside from learning about bullies, this book can help you teach your child about so much more, like homophones, mnemonics and caves!

Bully BeanThe book has little poems throughout that my daughter loves to read along with…

“Oh, bad Bully Bean,
What makes you so mean?
Whenever you’re near,
We all run in fear.”

 She loves to look at the pictures and tell her own story.  There are little unexpected gems hidden in the pictures, like the little worm that my daughter named Sam.  The artist took great care to show the expression on each little characters face.  You could see their sadness and joy.

We can’t wait to read more about the citizen’s of Beandom and their next adventure!

For more information on “Bully Bean” or “Lima Bear Press” please visit:
Website: http://www.limabearpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LimaBearPress
Twitter: @limabearbooks


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Lovable Labels – Review and Giveaway

Lovable Labels

Lovable LabelsMy daughter is about to start preschool this September and with that comes a mountain of school supplies.  She has been carefully picking out her favourite items to take along with her.  I know from past experience that when she loses something “precious” it means sleepless nights for everyone.

I was wondering how I was going to go about labeling all her items for preschool.  My writing is terrible.  It’s messy and no one can read it.  Lovable Labels has created the perfect solution.  Adorable stickers and tags for all your Back-to-School items.

I was given the Back-to-School pack for review and was absolutely delighted with what I received. The Back-to-School pack contains:


  • 15 Sticker Labels
  • 80 Slimline Labels
  • 12 Shoe Labels
  • 48 Press n’ Stick Clothing DOTS™
  • 2 Mini-Metal Tag (two 4” silver ball chain included)
  • 12 Square Labels

Everything that you would possibly need to label your child’s items for school.  The stickers are high quality stickers that are dishwasher and microwave safe, waterproof and UV resistant.  The back of the book contains instructions on how to properly use them. I placed one of the stickers on my daughters cup and then proceeded to hand wash it, the label stayed intact.  After that I did try to peel it off with my fingernail.  I was able to do that, but it wasn’t an easy task.  I think the labels will most definitely stand up the abuse that my daughter would put it through.

BagI  love the variety of sizes available.  The Slimline labels are perfect for her smaller items like her pens and pencils.  The larger square items are perfect for her scribblers and lunch box containers.  My favourite of all stickers are the shoe labels.  These are great not only for my daughter, but for me as well.  I can never remember which shoes she is wearing and now I just have to look for her name!  My daughters favourite was the metal tags for her backpack.  I’m not a fan of having her name on the outside of her clothing, so the tag will be switched to her pencil case…I think her bag is unique enough for her to be able to recognize it!

When we were choosing the labels for this review, I let my daughter help me choose the design she wanted.  It was a difficult choice there were so many to choose from.  She finally decided on the Owl. The colours on the labels are really bright and the absolutely the “perfect pink”!  The text is easily read even on the smallest labels.

These labels are most certainly going to help my daughter keep track of all her precious items as she goes to preschool.

Lovable LabelsTo learn more about Lovable Labels or to order please visit:
Website: http://www.lovablelabels.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovablelabels.officialfanpage
Twitter: @mylovablelabels

The folks at Lovable Labels are offering my readers the opportunity to win the same package of labels that I had to review!  Giveaway ends August 17, 2013 and is open to Canadian and US residents 18 and over.



I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

What Daddy Did Today – A Father’s Bedtime Story – Book Review

What Daddy did today

My daughter adores her Daddy!  She knows that when she wakes up in the morning that he’s already gone to work, but what does he do all day? Her Daddy works on computers all day, which isn’t really very exciting to a three year old.

Walter Wally has written a book called “What Daddy Did Today”  that puts a little more excitement into Daddy’s day and he becomes the hero that my daughter knows he is.

Daddy can save a little kitten, face a mighty dragon and even fly to space in a hot air balloon!  Even though Daddy’s day is full of excitement and adventure, he really only wants to do one thing!  That is to get home in time to spend time with his child.

“What Daddy Did Today ” is a fantastic bedtime story for any child. It has created some special one on one time with my husband and daughter at bedtime.  She adores this book and will read it over and over again. It is perfect for bedtime with just enough adventure to capture her imagination but not so lively that she can’t fall asleep.  The illustrations are bright and colourful and tell the story beautifully.

The book flows wonderfully as you read it.  Sometimes I find when I read rhyming books my tongue gets all caught up but this book is smooth sailing as you read.  It has also opened up some great discussion.  Although it is labeled “A Fathers Bedtime Story”, anyone can read it.  My daughter and I will pause to say some of the words in the book and talk about the images we see.

The book is a huge hit with my daughter and husband.  If you are looking for the perfect bedtime story, I would recommend that you try this one!

The following video is my daughter reading the story to me.  It’s not nearly as poetic as Mr. Wally’s version, but it shows how much she really enjoys reading the story.


For more information or to purchase the book please visit: http://www.walterwally.com

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my completely honest opinion above and may differ from yours.

The Megasaurus – The Lima Bear Stories – Review

The Megasaurus

The Megasaurus

Author: Thomas Weck and Peter Weck;
Illustrations: Len DiSalvo
ISBN: 978-1-9338721-2-4 $15.95
Published by: Lima Bear Press, LLC
Distributed by: Small Press United (SPU), part of IPG (Independent Publishers Group)

When Beandom is under attack King Limalot calls together his most trusted advisors to help rid the kingdom of the monster.

Each advisor has his own idea of how to vanquish the Megasaurus.  Howl the Owl believes that pancakes will do the trick. Towel the Owl thinks that bows and arrows will work and Vowel the Owl thinks building a strong rock wall will keep the Megasaurus away!

L. Joe Bean, an ordinary bear, isn’t convinced that any of these methods will work and when he speaks up, he is told that he was nothing but a silly bear.  Does he have a better idea?  Does he know a way to help the Kingdom of Beandom?

When something seems too much for my daughter to handle she will say,”I’m just a little girl!” I love how even though the bears of Kingdom are tiny, they are never too scared tackle big problems.  Even a problem as big as the Megasaurus! The little bears even though they are tiny can accomplish so much just by believing in themselves and working together as a team.  The book helps teach little ones that sometimes you need to think “outside the box” if the problem you are trying to solve can’t be solved by conventional means.

There are extra discussion ideas and activities in the back to help you “extend the learning”.  I love these suggestion as they help me to discover new ways to explore the book and the world with my children.

Adorable illustrations help create the magical world of Beandom.  Throughout the book certain words are highlighted so that your little one can “read” along with you, even if he/she can’t read yet!

My daughter and I love these stories.  This is the first book in the Lima Bear stories, but the last book we have read.  It has many of our favourite characters as well as introduced some new favourites.  Howl the Owl has become very popular at our house, she even named her stuffed toy owl after him.

If you are looking for a great series to start with your little one, I would highly recommend the Lima Bear stories!

For more information please visit their website: http://www.limabearpress.com

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my completely honest opinion above and may differ from yours.

Learn to Count – Number 1 – Pre-school Worksheets

Circle the Group

I have been spending some time teaching my daughter to count.  She can count to 20 now, mostly on her own.  I created some worksheets to help her along with writing the numbers.   These sheets are heavy on the colour if you choose the ones I’ve created.  I have also uploaded some sheets that you can add your own things to as well.  They are 8.5×11

I plan on printing these out and then laminating the sheets.  We have done this in the past and used washable markers so that we can re-use them over and over!  I usually take them into one of the print kiosks and just print them out as an 8×10 when they have the sheets on sale.  Enjoy!

Download: Blank – Circle the Group
Download: Blank – Trace 1
Download: Circle the Group
Download: Colour Zardok

Terms of Use

I used the My Memories Suite to create the sheets and used the elements from my “Out of this World” kit.  If you haven’t tried out the suite, I would highly recommend that you do so!  I do use photoshop to create the elements, but piecing them together is so much easier in My Memories Suite.

Please use the code: STMMMS62484 to receive a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the MyMemories.com store – $20 value!  By using this code I get credit too :)

Free Preschool Activity Sheets


FunLessonPlansI’m always looking for creative ways to help my little one learn her ABC’s and other important life skills. FunLessonPlans.com has some free lesson plans to help you do just that.

Downloads are in pdf format and come with easy to read instructions. These downloads would be great to keep on hand in the diaper bag when you head out someone and need something to keep your child entertained for a while.  Throw in a package of crayons and you’re set!