Mommy Moment: My Daughter The Ego Booster

My daughter is a regular chatterbox. Even though she is only two it seems like she has been talking forever. This week she has been building my ego…well, building may not be exactly the right word. This week while we were playing in her princess castle she informed me that I was to play the part of the “fat giant”.

Score: Zee 1 Mommy 0.

Then the next game we were playing was the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Who did Mommy get to play? The “ugly troll”.

Score: Zee 2 Mommy 0

Then this morning was my favourite comment.  We decided to try and weigh baby brother.  Daddy hopped on the scale and we checked his weight, then we added Jonah and checked his weight.  Zee decided it was her turn to see if she was a big girl so she hopped on.  We told her she was getting to be a big girl too!  Not to be left out, Zee informed me it was turn.  She looked at the scale as if she could read the numbers and loudly proclaimed, “Look Mommy!  Your a VERY big girl!”

Score: Zee 3 Mommy 0.



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