Check your Receipts

Christmas time is almost here!  I’ve made my list and I’ve checked it twice…okay maybe three or four times.  I know what I’m getting everyone and what my budget is going to be.  I’ve clipped my coupons, hired my babysitter and I’m off to the store!

Today was another one of those rushed trips to the grocery store.  It was a no tax day, I had coupons for diapers (Go to the Huggies website to print your own) and the best part was…diapers were on sale!

So I made my way to the checkouts that were busy.  The poor cashier looked totally worn out and was just putting people through as fast as he possibly could.  As he put my order through I wasn’t paying attention to the register and happily paid.  Then on my way out I checked my receipt and noticed that I was actually charged the tax.  I stopped at the customer service desk to ask about it and was given back nearly $9.00.

The moral of the story?  Pay attention to the register and your receipts.  This has happened to me more than once and I try to make it a habit to catch it before I pay.  This year alone by checking my receipts I saved myself nearly $25.00!

Good luck with all your Christmas shopping!


  1. I also saved $25 by checking my receipt. I used a $25 gift card but it didn’t scan properly, it wasn’t until I did a calculation in my head when loading the groceries into my car that I realized. So check your receipts indeed!

    1. Great catch! I makes me wonder how often I’ve missed something when I don’t take the time. My math skills are pretty rotten so I can’t usually do math in my head. Wish I was better at that!

      I also find it interesting how some receipts offer you free food, discounts and other things if you just fill out a survey link on them.

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