The Klampie Mystery by Luis Rodriguez

The Klampie MysteryThe Klampie Mystery
by Luis Rodriguez

ISBN-10: 1620860317
ISBN-13: 9781620860311

Publisher:  Mascot Books
Amazon: The Klampie Mystery
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My daughter has amassed a horde of “friends” (stuffed animals).  We can’t go anywhere without one of them tagging along.  They all have names, most of which I can never remember from day to day.  She loves each and everyone one of them and I’m sure, in their own way, they love her too.  I think that is why we loved the book “The Klampie Mystery”.

The Klampie Mystery is an adorable story about a lucky little girl named Samantha who has the opportunity to travel to Australia for her Christmas vacation.   To help prepare her for her trip, her father buys her a stuffed Koala with arms that will clamp onto anything, just like a real Koala.  Samantha takes Klampie with her on vacation and that is where the mystery begins…

On The PlaneAs we  followed Samantha (and Klampie)  on her vacation in Australia my daughter was introduced to many new words like “barbie” and eucalyptus.  We only read a couple of pages each night at bedtime, which left us some time to talk about some of the new things we learned.  I can’t say that it was only my daughter who learned things, I learned some new things about Koala’s that I never knew too!

In my opinion the book is geared toward older children who may not quite be at the “chapter book” stage, but who need something  more challenging than “baby books”.   The Klampie Mystery is a full colour illustrated book.  I would have liked the illustration colours to be a bit more vibrant, but my daughter enjoyed them just the way they were. She enjoyed searching for Klampie on each page.

This was a perfect book for my daughter.  We are struggling to get her to sleep through the night and are very restrictive on the types of books we allow her to read in the evening.  The Klampie Mystery was engaging but didn’t have any “scary” monsters  in it which made it perfect for us to read to her at bedtime.  The story can be a bit detailed at times, but is definitely a book I’d read again and again with my children.

Luis RodriguezLuis Rodriguez is the author of The Klampie Mystery.  He is the director of a child care center and the book is the result of his work with children and his love of writing.

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