Fabulous Me – Ally Nathaniel – Book Review

Fabulous MeWhat could be better than waking up so happy that you burst into song?  That’s exactly how Emma wakes up every morning!  She reminds me a lot of my little girl. Every morning, rain or shine my daughter wakes up by hollering, “Mom!  The sun is up!”   I wish I would wake up every morning with such a positive outlook…instead I’m usually found hiding my head under a pillow wishing for just a few more minutes of sleep.

All too often I get caught up in trying to do the “biggest and best” things with my kids and I forget that doing the “simple” things are sometimes the things that make us feel the best. The author, Ally Nathaniel has written an adorable little story about an energetic girl named Emma who shares with us all the things that make her feel “Fabulous!”   Each and every one of those things is something that we can all do without spending a lot of money.

Fabulous MeEmma loves to go on a picnic with her family, sing and ride her bike.  This books reminded me of how much my daughter (and son) love to do these things.  Even something as simple as teaching my daughter to bake can help build her confidence and make her feel happy and special.

My daughter absolutely adores this book.  We have read it several times, and as she learns to read, I believe it is a book that she’ll want to read on her own as well.  As we were going on a family adventure to the splash park recently she says very loudly…”Mom, this makes me feel FABULOUS!”

Ally has scored another hit with our family with this great story.  If you have a little girl who needs a a gentle reminder that we are all “Fabulous” in our own way this is the perfect book for you.

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