BAYER Products Printable Coupons – Canada

Bayer Canada CouponsBayer Canada has 6 great coupons available to print. Save up to 11.00 on Bayer Product.   These coupons expire January 31, 2014.

  • Save 2.00 on Ozonal – For scrapes, minor burns and skin irritation
  • Save 1.50 on Bactine – Kills germs and relieves pain on contact
  • Save 1.50 on Alka-Seltzer – For fast relief of upset stomach heartburn with headache
  • Save 2.00 on Phillips Milk of Magnesia – Relief of heatburn, upset stomach, acid indigestion and occasional constipation
  • Save 2.00 Dermal Therapy Heel Cream – Helps prevent and heal hard, dry, cracked heels
  • Save 2.00 on Canesten Topical – Canada’s #1 anti-fungal cream.

Click here to take advantage of these great printable coupons.

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