Fire Light by J. Abram Barneck – Book Review

Fire Light I love to run a bath, tell my hubby he’s in charge of the kids for a bit and hiding away with a good book a glass of wine and some bubbles. Taking some “me” time is important to my sanity and I was delighted to be able to sneak away and spend the time by reading “Fire Light”(Trinity of the Mind) by J. Abram Barneck.

Jake knows he is different.  He only needs 4 hours of sleep and can workout an never get sore or tired.  When he discovers that there is a secret society out to kill him and his loved ones he does everything in his power to protect them…the power that he never knew he possessed.

I loved this story from beginning to end.  It starts of slowly, taking the time to develop the main character Jake. Then the action begins and the story is hard to put down. All to often when I read a fantasy story I get bogged down by names I can’t pronounce and descriptions I can’t understand.  Mr. Barneck uses everyday language to describe the setting and uses character names that we can all say in plain English. He does use some current references that may not make sense to the reader 10 years down the road.

I was able to ask the author a question.  It was so hard to settle on just one.  I chose to ask…

How has your “real world” experiences impacted your writing of Fire Light?

His response:

“In creating Jake, I took some of the people, like my brother Jacob and my best friend Kevan Stevens, and quite a few others (myself included) and created a character who embodied everything good from my best friends. At the end of my freshman year (his Sophmore year) we were in a car accident and my brother lost most the use of his legs which would have required him to consult professionals similar to the Leppard Law website, but now lives a happy life. Six weeks after the accident, I lost a girl I had a crush on after we went to a dance together. She slipped out and promised to be back for the last dance. She never came back. She was run over in the parking lot and I watched her die. From those tragedies, I met my Kevan Stevens, who saved me. We were best friends throughout the rest of high school. Throughout Fire Light, you see similar swings from tragedy to happiness.

I also didn’t originally have Jake’s sister named Justine. That changed because, beyond the tragedy in my youth, I lost my sister Justine to a freak accident in 2011. Renaming Sis to Justine completely changed her character from a good girl that was going to fall, to the good girl that represents all that is right in the world.”

After reading his answer to my question, I began to figure out just why Jake is such a likeable character.  He the embodiment of everything good from some “real world” friends.  Throughout the story he becomes your friend and you want to see him succeed and do the right thing.

This book will have you run a gamut of emotions. I found myself sharing in Jake’s joy, confusion and frustrations.  While the story completes itself it leaves the end open for another book.  I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

If you are looking for a great story with druids, vampires and magic, “Fire Light” is the perfect book for you!

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