If You Were Me And Lived In… Peru

PeruMy kids love to explore the world around them. They know that there are thousands of places to travel to someday, and they are already planning some of those vacations!

“If You Were Me And Lived In… Peru” by Carole P Roman is another installment in her “A Child’s Introduction to the Cultures Around The World”.  These stories are the perfect way for your child to explore the world around them from the comfort of home.

Explore the fascinating world of Peru. In this book your child will discover the differences and similarities of living in Peru.  My kids love to see what children in other parts of the world call their mom and dad.

We live in a place where potato farming is one of our biggest exports.  The kids loved to learn that Potatoes are found around the world…even all the way in Peru.  Who know there were 4000 different kinds of potatoes?

The book has a pronunciation guide that helps you understand how to pronounce certain words.  This is a great feature not only for adults who may be reading the story aloud, but for little readers who are still learning.

Since I have reviewed other books in this series my daughter has started reading on her own.  She did find one page in this book a bit intimidating as it contained one full page of text and she found the font choice a bit difficult to read.  The spacing between words is a little closer than what she is used to as well as she is she is used to reading fonts that are sans serif.  She has just started Grade 1 in French Immersion so the language used in the book was a little beyond her comfortable reading level, but both my children loved to sit down and listen to this book as it was read to them.

The illustrations in the book are fun.  They fit along with the story perfectly.  One of the skills that my daughter has learned to help her with her reading is to look at the pictures to figure out the words.  She is able to put this skill into action on several pages like the one about the dolls and again on the page about sports.

“If You Were Me And Lived In… Peru” is a great introduction to life in Peru for younger children.  When studying new cultures it’s often easy to get overwhelmed with facts.  Ms. Roman has created a book that shares selection of facts about Peru that will gives your child a wide overview of the culture.  You will learn new words, games, food and historical facts as you explore Peru in this book.

For more information on “If You Were Me And Lived In…Peru” please visit:
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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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