Susie’s Hope and Dogs Deserve Better

pursePackMy children adore animals of all kinds. In their world, all animals are loved and have a safe place to call home.  Sadly this isn’t the case for animals everywhere.  There is abuse happening to innocent animals around the globe.  It is up to us as parents to teach our children compassion and love for animals everywhere.

“Susie’s Hope” is a non-profit organization created to foster awareness surrounding the animal abuse.  They rescue and abandoned animals, helping them to find forever homes.  They also provide education on animal responsibility to people of all ages.

“Suzie’s Hope” has teamed up with another award winning non-profit called “Dogs Deserve Better”“Dogs Deserve Better” works to rescue animals from chaining and/or penning.  They work together to rescue animals from their chains through education, rescue and rehabilitation, grassroots legislation and fencing programs.

It is heartbreaking to know that many of these animals know nothing of love and compassion.  Together these groups hope to change attitudes about how animals are treated and the horrific and growing inhumane epidemic of animal cruelty.

Susieshope2I often feel overwhelmed when I start thinking of ways that I can help.  What good can just one person do? Support “Susie’s Hope” and “Dogs Deserve Better” and your support will be joined with the support of others and together big changes can happen!

Beginning February 1, 2016, “Susie’s Hope” and “Dogs Deserve Better” (DDB) will launch a “Susie’s Hope” movie promotion. Five dollars ($5.00) from every “Susie’s Hope” DVD sold through the “DDB” campaign will be donated to “Dogs Deserve Better”!  As a special “Thank You,” purchasers who enter the promotional code DDB on the Susie’s Hope website  will receive a 10% discount on his/her purchase of the DVD or “Susie’s Hope Bundle” (which includes the DVD and a “Susie” plush doll). This promotion runs through July 31, 2016.

I reviewed “Susie’s Hope”  in December of 2014, and it is the heart-wrenching true story about the horrors of animal abuse.  It puts face and a voice to the reality of animal abuse and makes one aware of how important one person or one animal is when it comes to making a difference in this world.

I wanted to bring this promotion to your attention as I know many people are looking for unique gift ideas for the upcoming Easter season.  While I wouldn’t recommend the movie for children under 12 the plush “Susie” looks like it would be a wonderful gift for any little one.  Keep the movie for yourself and share the plush “Susie” with your little one!  The life-like Susie’s Plush animal comes with embroidered scars which serve as a nurturing social and educational tool.  I will post pictures and a follow-up post when our “Susie” arrives in the mail.  While the scars may start a difficult conversation with children, I think they will serve as a lesson in compassion and love that my kids can share with others.

For more information on “Susie’s Hope” or to purchase please visit:

Coupon Code: DDB for 10% off the DVD or “Susie’s Hope Bundle” on the Susie’s Hope Website

Twitter: @dogsdeserve


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the “Susie’s Hope Bundle” in exchange for my post.



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