The Pup From Away

ThePupFromAwayI’ve lived on the Island my entire life and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  We have our quirks as an Island and one of them is that you are either an “Islander” or you are “From Away”.  It doesn’t seem to matter how long you’ve lived here you are still “From Away” and that’s not a bad thing, In fact it’s an awesome thing, because it means that you just didn’t grow up here as a right of birth but that you chose to live on our beautiful Island and become one of us!

“The Pup From Away” is the story of Dukes and adorable pup from the “Big City”.    When Christina, his owner, has to go live abroad for a year Dukes is taken to the country to live.  He’s not sure what to think of life in the country, it’s so different from city life.  Over time Dukes overcomes his fears of trying new things and discovers that life in the country has an appeal all of it’s own.  When it’s time to leave the island will he be able to convince Christina to stay on the Island?

“The Pup From Away” is a wonderful book about having the courage to overcome your fears.  Life in the country is different from anything Dukes has ever known.  The snow was so deep and daunting that he was sure he would never be happy here.  When he finally musters up the courage to jump into the snow he discovers how wonderful and fun it can be!  What a great lesson to teach our kids.  It’s okay to be nervous and scared, but sometimes we just need to take that leap of faith and try something new…you never know what amazing things you will discover.

Dukes’ owner asks him to stay on the island while she is away.  Dukes has thoughts about disobeying her and running off to find her.  He makes the right decision to follow her instructions and discovers that she was right, he does love the island.  This is another important lesson for children about doing the right thing…even when it’s hard. My son and I chatted about all the things that could have happened to Dukes if he disobeyed Christina and ran away to find her.

The images in the book are amazing.  The characters are made from sculpted clay have personalities all of their own.  My son loves Dukes and wants a puppy just like him!  The images perfectly capture the beauty of the island that both adults and children will love.

“The Pup From Away” is an wonderful story created by Shaun and Christina Patterson that will help you realize that home is truly where your heart is.

For more information on “The Pup From Away” visit Shaun and Christina’s site at Big Fox Creative or on Facebook.


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