Up your selfie game with LuMee!

The LuMee Front

Interested in upping your selfie game? Spending too much time taking and retaking photos to get more likes?  Enter the Lumee.  The Lumee phone case is equal parts durable phone protection and selfie game changer.

Once installed on your phone the Lumee has two sets of lights that light up your face for taking great photos.  It really does make a big difference in the quality of photos, especially when taken in low light conditions.

Installing the case on my iPhone 6 was very straight forward.  It snapped into place easily and stayed securely.  Because the sets of lights are located on the sides of the phone, it does make the phone feel much wider.  I chose the iPhone 6 rather than the 6+ so that I could more easily fit the phone in my pocket, so this added width is a bit of a concern for me personally.  But if you were typically carrying it in a bag, it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

The LuMee BackThe power button to turn on the lights is located on the back of the case and is recessed from the case itself so it shouldn’t ever turn on by accident.  It never did for me.  I was very impressed with the overall build quality of the case.  It is very strong and seems like it would hold up well to falls, bumps and bruises.

I did find pressing the volume and power buttons a little more difficult, but I historically don’t use a case at all (I know I should!) so that’s probably just a case of me being difficult.

The Lumee also doubles as a much more powerful flashlight than anything the base phone can do for itself.  It operates with its own power sources as well, so using it as a flashlight won’t drain your precious phone battery life.

This would make a great gift for the Snapchatter or Instagrammer in your life.  It provides great protection for their phone while making sure that selfie is captured in just the right light.

For more information the  “LuMee” or other accessories for your mobile devices check out the MobileFun.com website or visit them on Facebook.


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary  “LuMee” in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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