Are You Eating My Lunch? – Manges-Tu Mon Lunch?

AreYouEatingMyLunchI enrolled my daughter in French Immersion.  I knew I wanted her to learn a second language, but I don’t speak French at all so I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to help her with her schoolwork. Every night we read together, she’ll read to me a book in French and I read one to her in English.  It’s so much fun listening to her speak French even if I don’t understand a word of it!

“Are You Eating My Lunch?  Manges-Tu Mon Lunch?” is a bilingual picture book that tells the story of Xavier, a little boy who has lost his lunch while on a visit to the zoo. Xavier sets out to find his lunch, stopping to talk with each animal along the way.  Will Xavier be able to find his lunch?

I love this book. Each page has both English and French text.  The English is always on top, followed by French on the bottom.  I love this format.  As my daughter reads the French I am able to follow along in the English.  When she asks what a word means we are able to figure it out without resorting to an online translator.

I have read several children’s books that were translated from other languages, and I often found grammatical and spelling issues.  Since I don’t speak or read French, I wanted to verify that this wasn’t the case.  I asked a bilingual teacher friend to go over the French portion for me, and was delighted to hear the translations are excellent.  This makes me even more excited to add this book to our collection.

The pictures are wonderful. One of the reading strategies my daughter is taught is to look at the picture when she doesn’t know a word. The pictures fit the story perfectly and worked as a guide to help her understand the words she didn’t know.  The font is large, and easy to read.  I like that there are only a few lines on each page.

The vocabulary is perfect for young readers around the Kindergarten age. It uses repetition and simple words for beginner readers.  Children will learn the names of easily recognizable animals and many “sight” words. The story line is simple and fun.  Most children will be able to relate to losing something…especially a lunchbox.

The author, Nicole Audet is a family doctor and bestselling author in Quebec. She has received several national and international literary awards. Visit www. (English) or (French) to learn more.

“Are You Eating My Lunch – Manges-Tu Mon Lunch?”  Is a wonderful way to explore reading in two languages with your child!

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary pdf copy of “Are You Eating My Lunch – Manges-Tu Mon Lunch?” in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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