The Money Making Methods You Didn’t Realize You Had At Home

We’ve already looked into how couponing can save you money. If it’s extra pennies you need, coupons aren’t the only things that can help! It’s surprising how many things around the house can make us money. Would you like a little more in the bank at the end of each month? Are you saving up for something special like a holiday? Whatever your reason for needing a little extra, turn your attention to the hidden treasures in your home. Here are a few money making methods you might not have considered.

Image Credit: pony_up (Pixabay)
Image Credit: pony_up (Pixabay)


Selling old jewelry is an excellent way to make extra cash. We’ve all got jewelry we haven’t worn in a long time, so why not take advantage of it? Companies like Twery’s gold and silver are waiting to give you cash for your unwanted pieces. Be ruthless when you’re going through your old pieces. Don’t keep things you’re unlikely to wear, just because it seems a shame to give them away. In the same vein, don’t give anything away that you’re going to regret. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Pieces of sentimental value aren’t worth the money you’ll receive for them. If you’re not sentimentality attached to pieces of unworn jewelry, get rid of them! This will help you empty your drawers and make you extra cash at the same time.


Talking of clearing old drawers, there are so many things in most households that aren’t used. Having a clear out will reveal all sorts of things you could sell. DVD’S are always a prime suspect for going unwatched for a long time. They’re also an excellent way to make money. Go through your DVD rack and get rid of anything you haven’t watched in the last two years or so. How about old consoles? If you’ve got kids, and maybe even if you haven’t, you’ve probably got an old console or two around the place. Don’t think they’re worthless just because they’re old. Technology moves at such a pace that old consoles are desirable again after just ten years or so. Stick those old consoles online and watch the money come rolling in. Those aren’t your only options, either! You can sell anything you don’t want anymore. Selling old clothes is another great way to make money!

Image Credit: Jedidja (Pixabay)
Image Credit: Jedidja (Pixabay)


If you’ve exhausted all your selling options, why not make something that you can sell? Can you already knit or sew? Have you always wanted to learn? This could be an excellent time to use a skill you never put to use or to learn a skill you’ve always desired. You can sell homemade items for quite a lot of money, and they don’t cost much to make! The trick is to look at the cheapest materials available. Bulk buy your materials and yarns to save on costs. Find something you love making and get busy! Whether you choose to sell clothes or cuddly toys, homemade items always go down a treat!

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