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This year for Christmas we purchased new laptops for our children. They love to be online, but I’m often worried about their safety, especially now that they can read and write on their own. How does a mom keep her child safe while online? One way is “Kids Email” an email program designed to keep kids safer while online!

I’ve reviewed this program in the past and loved it then, and love it even more now.  When I did my last review, my daughter had only started pre-school so my needs were different than they are now.  Now she can read and write on her own and wants the independence to send and receive her own emails and I want to keep some control over what she is accessing while online.

“Kids Email” is a full fledged email system with your child’s safety in mind. It is a subscription based email system, which may have utilized a recurring payment platform, that allows you, the parent, to have control over what your child can send and receive.  You can subscribe monthly and receive 4 email accounts, or yearly and receive 6 email accounts. You can try a 30 day free trial to discover if “Kids Email” is for you!

Getting started is easy. The first thing you need to do is to create a parent account, from there you can create and manage each child’s account.  There are several areas that you can manage for each account – Safety Settings, Manage Contacts, Modify Look & Feel, Child Account Settings, Ground Child, Time Restrictions, Blocked Senders, Mail Queue and Activity Logs.

The safety settings allow you secure your child’s account based on your needs. You can allow your child to send and receive emails from a contact list that you set up, send yourself copies of incoming and outgoing emails. You can also block links, attachments and images in emails and so much more. You can save these settings for all children or set customize them for each child.

Under the parental controls you can create individualized or globalized contacts for each account. I love that you can add images so that your child can associate a face with a name on their list, making it easier for them to send emails. Messages that fail your child’s safety settings can be sent to a queue so that you, the parent, can have the opportunity see what mail was rejected and from whom. The mail in the queue can be rejected or allowed through to your child’s account.  You can also have all mail sent to this queue for your approval before your child see’s it.

There is an Activity log so that you can see what each child is doing with their email account. This is a great way to find out if your child is accessing email during school hours or other times when they should focusing on other things. If the need arises you can ground your child from using “Kids Mail”, or restrict the times that your child can access their mail, like during school hours.

You can also adjust the account settings for your child – Very Simple, Standard Kids Email or Kids Email for Teens.  The very simple settings allows you to set a simplified layout for your child, removing some menu items and making it easier for your little one to use. The Standard Kids email is a general account that is set by default. The Kids Email for Teens has a look and feel tailored to older children.

The customer service is amazing. I contacted them via their web chat and my questions were answered quickly and more importantly kindly. I felt truly valued as a customer, which is something that is often lacking in today’s society.

It’s still important to monitor what your child is doing online, but “Kids Email” adds layer of safety to what your child does online kids while giving them their freedom. Check back Tuesday January 10th, 2017 to discover what the child’s side of “Kids Email” is like!

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The great folks at “Kids Email” are offering two of my readers a chance to win a free account valued at $38.95 each! Giveaway starts January 8, 2017 and closes January 29, 2017 and is open to US and Canadian residents. VOID where prohibited by law.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary subscription to “Kids Email” in exchange for me review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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