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My favourite time of day is at the end of the day. Those precious moments that I spend reading to my children. Each night before bed we share time together reading aloud.  We have gone on some amazing adventures together. We have traveled to the Island of Sodor, visited FirePaw of the ThunderClan and even traveled to Mars! I love finding new and exciting books for my children. “Tuck Advancing Sleep” is a website that I was recently introduced to that will help you find some amazing stories to read to you children at bedtime.

Tuck Advancing Sleep” has a page dedicated to sharing links of wonderful stories to read to your children, some are online and others for print. While I recognized some of the stories others are new to me.  Finding age appropriate books to read to my little ones can be a struggle. The books are divided into age categories so it’s easier to find the perfect story.

For a long time I only read a paperback (or hardcover) books. It took me a long time to adjust to reading online. Now I love it. I love having access to a complete library of books at my fingertips. While I will never ever lose my love of a paperback books, the convenience of a digital books is amazing.

If you are looking for ideas on how to get the most out of your shared reading time, “Tuck Advancing Sleep” offers great suggestions. I learned new things that I can do to make our reading time together even more special.

If you are like me and struggle getting your child to sleep, “Tuck Advancing Sleep” understands  and has articles to help you make bedtime struggles a thing of the past.  Check out the “Parents Guide to Healthy Sleep” and “Tuck’s Guide to Sleeping Better” for tips on getting a better night’s sleep!





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