God made the World

There is nothing more enjoyable than snuggling with your little one on the couch and reading a book together. Kids love reach out and touch the pages of books and explore them with you. “God made the World” is a beautiful story to share with your little one and spend some important time together reading and sharing your faith.

“God made the World” is a cloth book that introduces your little one to God’s incredible world. The author shares with your little one the wonderful things that God made from the oceans to the forests.

The book has some special features that your little one will love. The cover is crinkly and makes a noise when your child plays with it. The back is my favourite feature, a little child-safe mirror with the words “and God made me!” written underneath. I love that little ones can see their own face and know that God loves “ME”, not some abstract person drawn in a book!

The colours will capture your little ones attention. The drawings are simple yet adorable. Your child will be able to point out the different animals. It’s fun to have them make the noises as you point each one out. The book is ideal for little fingers. The pages are made of cloth so they won’t rip as your child pulls or chews on each page.

The books has a hanging tab that allows you to hang it onto a stroller bar. I love this feature as it prevents the book from getting left behind when you take baby out. The tab says that the book is machine washable. I haven’t tried washing the book yet, but I like that you can wash it to help keep germs at bay!

As your little one grows you can expand the learning of this book by reading the story of creation and how God created everything in our world.

“God made the World” is an adorable book that will introduce your little one to God’s world and will plant the seeds of faith in your little ones heart. Look for the book on Kregel Publications.

I received a complimentary copy of “God made the World” from Kregel Publishing in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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