BLACK+DECKER LST560C 60V MAX EASYFEED Cordless String Trimmer

Living in the country has it’s advantages. We have a large property where the kids can run and play. That also means we have a lot of trees and walkways to trim around! We don’t want to spend our summers working on the yard, so the “Black and Decker Easyfeed Cordless String Trimmer” is a blessing. It helps speed up the grass trimming process so that we can spend our summer days doing more of the fun things in life.

Black and Decker

The “Black and Decker Easyfeed Cordless String Trimmer” is a portable battery operated trimmer. The trimmer is easily and quickly assembled. It took approximately 20 minutes to set up. It comes with a hex key, but you need to provide a screwdriver to attach the protective shield over the head.

To turn the trimmer on you need to press the safety button to release the speed trigger. The “Black and Decker Easyfeed Cordless String Trimmer” has two speeds – Low and High. The lower speed is for regular trimming and will extend your battery life. High speed is for thicker growth and will drain your battery faster but offer you more power.

The Grey button is your cutting line feed button. This feature releases your cutting line when needed. This is an amazing feature. On our old trimmer we needed to tap the machine on the ground to release the line. On the “Black and Decker Easyfeed Cordless String Trimmer” is is all done through your hand controls, making it much more efficient and convenient. The spool is easily reloaded with new line.

The handle is comfortable. It can be adjusted for ideal user comfort, but you will want to ensure that you have it placed so that the trimmer is balanced when you use it.

The head of the “Black and Decker Easyfeed Cordless String Trimmer” can easily be rotated from trimmer to edger by pressing the orange button. This makes edging around walkways and flowerbeds easier.  The guard is nice and large to protect you from flying debris. The trimmer comes with a steel hanger so that you can hang it up when not in use.

The battery is a 60V lithium battery, the battery and charger are included with your trimmer. The charger offers many safety features to protect both you and your battery. When your battery is too hot or cold it will adjust charging to accommodate your battery’s current state. It also has an auto turn off to prevent overcharging. There is also a battery life indicator on the side of your battery.

The “Black and Decker Easyfeed Cordless String Trimmer” weighs about 9lbs. The cutting swath is 13 inches.  It is much more convenient for us to use than our gas powered trimmer. We no longer have to mess with mixing gas and oil, instead we just plug in the battery and go.

The “Black and Decker Easyfeed Cordless String Trimmer” is a convenient and efficient way to complete all the trimming and edging needs of your property. This trimmer makes giving your lawn that completed look.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary The “Black and Decker Easyfeed Cordless String Trimmer” through the Amazon Vine program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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