Direct and Indirect Ways of Saving Money on the Road

Around this time of year, our purse strings begin to pinch a little tight. Though the festivities are wonderful, they tend to come hand in hand with a large outlay of cash. For many of us, December is the most expensive time of year, and in order to still get by without sacrificing gifts, holiday food, or any of the other areas we like to divulge in, we start looking about for places that we can save a few dollars. There are plenty of places that you can cut back on, but let’s start with transport. Here are a few different things you can to do to reduce your spending when getting A to B.

Image Credit: Breakingpic
Image Credit: Breakingpic (Pexels)

Cram Tasks into Designated Days

Okay, you’re going to be busy in the upcoming weeks. After all, there’s so much to plan and organise! You’ll want to get to the shops to pick up presents, food, drinks, decorations, gift wrap, and all of the other miscellanea that you’ll need to make things merry and bright. Then there are the multiple relatives, friends, and other loved ones you’re going to want to visit. Not to mention parties, meals, and other celebrations. Now, some of these things can’t be rearranged. If a work Christmas party is going to be on a certain date, you’re going to have to be there at the designated time and date. However, for other activities, you can attempt to cram as many tasks into one day as possible. Rather than popping back and forth to your home for small trips, try to fit as much into one trip as you can. Sit down and make a list of everything you need to buy and all the things you need to do. When we say everything, we mean everything, even the smallest chore. Then map out the journey and try to do things en route to other places. This will reduce the amount of fuel or public transport that you use by combining trips!

Image Credit Burst Pexels
Image Credit: Burst (Pexels)

Use Public Transport

Sure, it may be tempting to jump into the car with heated seats and no waiting times. This is definitely the best option if you’re going anywhere with the kids. However, if you’re popping out alone and don’t have little ones to keep an eye on, public transport can save you a whole lot of cash. Especially when you partake in money saving schemes like day tickets for use on multiple modes of transport. What’s more? You’ll be reducing the detrimental impact you’re having on the environment at the same time. Perfect!

Renew Your Auto Insurance

Sure, you may have had the same policy all year long. Perhaps your current policy dates back even longer than that. But around this time of year, companies start vying for your attention in the lead up to the January sales. Many will attempt to beat other policies in order to pull you over from your existing agreement. It’s worth taking a look at what’s on offer, even if you are content with your current supplier. If you find something cheaper, the company you currently use may offer to price match. So do your research and find the best value insurance for your buck!

Follow the Rules of the Road

When you’re driving in such hectic conditions, it can become easy to lose concentration and break the rules of the road. If you’ve been stuck in top to tail traffic for a while, you may be tempted to speed when it clears in order to get back on track. Perhaps you’re in a rush and can’t find an appropriate spot to park your vehicle while you run into a store to pick up a couple of bits and bobs… you might consider parking in an illegal spot, thinking that you’ll be in and out in a matter of moments. However, not only are actions and decisions like this potentially dangerous and problematic for both you and other road users, but they could also land you with a heavy fine. So, grin and bear it and stick to the rules. It may be frustrating, but they’re there for a reason, and it’s best to go along with them.

These are just a few ways that you can save yourself a little cash while you’re out and about. While they’re especially useful to bear in mind during such a busy period as the holiday season, they can be applied to your life year round. Sticking to them will make a profound difference to your bank balance, freeing up your hard earned cash to be used elsewhere.

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