Merrithew Total Body Roller

I love foam rollers. I use them daily, particularly on my back and glutes. I have one at home, but wanted one for use at the office as well so I thought I’d give the “Merrithew Total Body Roller” try as it’s multi purpose and compact.

Merrithew Total Body Roller

As far as foam rollers go, theĀ “Merrithew Total Body Roller” is fairly firm which is perfect for me. It is knobby, but the knobs are quite small and closely packed so it doesn’t quite have the same feel as other knobby foam rollers I’ve used. I found this configuration good for my legs, glutes, and my forearms when they would get tight from extended keyboard/mouse use. I was able to use this roller on my back, but it wasn’t ideal. The roller itself is only about 7 inches wide so it didn’t cover full width of my back. Moving up to an 18 inch wide roller probably would have worked better for rolling my back, but space was a consideration.

Using it as a massage roller worked well on the knots close to my knees, but when removing the foam roller portion and trying the massage stick on it’s own I didn’t have much luck. With the roller on the stick it rolled pretty smoothly, but the massage stick on it’s own didn’t roll smoothly and jars.

Merrithew Roller

As for the ab roller, it worked equally well as the massage roller. It rolled smoothly and for folks who are newer to using an ab roller, the width of the foam roller provided more stability than a couple inches wide wheel.

For a small roller, theĀ “Merrithew Total Body Roller” fits my needs fairly well. I did have some issues with the massage stick on it’s own, but using it with the roller installed is working well for me.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Merrithew Total Body Roller” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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