4 Easy Tips to Avoid a Rodent Infestation

Since the dawn of time creatures large and small would seek shelter from the cold. As the colder months approach and we start spending more time indoors, various uninvited guests are going to try to seek shelter inside our homes, garages and sheds as well which may require professional pest control services. Once mice removal experts have taken care of things, you can keep these unwanted invaders out with a few simple housekeeping practices.

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Store Your Food

Avoid providing a buffet for hungry rodents by keeping all food stored in tightly sealed containers, this includes pet food and birdseed.  Even a few crumbs can attract rodents into your home.

Don’t Feed The Birds Near Your Home

Keep all bird feeders away from your home, garage and shed. Birds are notoriously messy eaters and will let much of the bird seed fall to the ground. This provides a free and easy meal for rodents.

Seal Your Home

It can be tempting to skip a visual inspection in and around your home, but it is well worth the effort. A company like Crazylegs Rodent Removal can help you identify and seal any cracks, holes or openings that may be an inviting entry point for rodents. You may want to learn more here about the best pest and mice control services.

Be sure to seal off all wall-mounted air conditioner or heat pump openings with a wire mesh. These openings are easy entry points for rodents as they can enter through even the tiniest of openings.

Maintain Your Landscaping

Make hiding difficult by keeping your lawn and any shrubs trimmed that are close to any of your buildings. Trim away any branches that provide easy access to your roof or upper levels of your home.

By following these easy to follow tips, you can reduce the chances of rodents entering your home.

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