Jurassic World Gyrosphere RC Vehicle

My son has an RC Thomas the train that he absolutely loved to play with. He would spend hours running the train throughout the house. Now that he’s almost 7, he says it’s time to put “Thomas” away and get something more age appropriate. The “Jurassic World Gyrosphere RC Vehicle” is a good “next step” for an RC Vehicle.

The “Jurassic World Gyrosphere RC Vehicle” lets you create the fun and excitement of the movie. Your little one can have fun escaping the herd of stampeding dinosaurs.

It comes with a kid-friendly remote. It has two large buttons, forward and turn, that are easily pressed by little fingers. The remote uses two AAA batteries. It has a comfortable feel in my son’s hand.

The sphere comes apart to allow you to put the 3.75 inch Owen action figure inside. On the floor are two pins that you insert into the holes in his feet to keep him in place as you race around. Both my son and I found it very difficult to place Owens feet on the pins. Without being secured down, Owen bounces around inside the gyrosphere.

As an action figure, Owen is less than exciting. He doesn’t move and remains in a seated position so you can’t really play with it other than inside the gyrosphere.

The sphere zipped around our kitchen floor with ease. I didn’t have any carpet to test it on.

The gyprosphere itself requires four AA batteries. There are arrows on the clear outside pieces to help identify where the locks are to keep it closed.

My son had fun playing with this at first, but has since lost interest as it does have limited controls. He would like to be able to control the direction the gyrosphere turns and put it in reverse so he can do more tricks.

Overall the¬† “Jurassic World Gyrosphere RC Vehicle” has been fun to play with and is a good stepping stone for little one getting into the RC World.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary¬† “Jurassic World Gyrosphere RC Vehicle” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.




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