Polly Pocket Go Tiny! Room Playset

My daughter’s imagination takes her on all kinds of adventures. With the “Polly Pocket Go Tiny! Room Playset” she can take her love of mico sized toys and go on gigantic adventures.

The “Polly Pocket Go Tiny! Room Playset” features two play zones – “Go Big” and “Go Tiny”.  Pull the gold level on the front of the playset to switch between the two areas. Be sure to pull the level all the way to either side, so each zone is fully opened.

The “Go Big” zone features full sized Polly fun. Her room has everything she needs to go on big adventures.Polly stands at about 3.5 inches tall. She comes with an additional two outfits. The clothes are made from a rubbery material and can be difficult to slip on and off of Polly. I really like how these are age appropriate styles that any little girl could wear.

The “Go Tiny” zone features micro-sized Polly. Your little one will have fun exploring all the secret nooks and crannies of her room. Inside you will find a secret teeny SUV hidden storage, a tiny skate park and even a submarine inside the fish tank.

Inside the closet you will find some micro-sized rooms for Polly to hang out with her friends. On the other size of the closet is where Polly hides when you switch between zones. I do wish that the doors of the closet could be closed or slid out of the way. They can sometimes be in the way.

The accessories are tiny. It comes with a skateboard, pool floaty, quadcopter and an SUV for micro Polly. There is also a computer chair, laptop and pencil case, hangers and 2 outfits for Polly. Due to the small nature of these toys, I would recommend that this playset be used with children 6 years of age and older.

I would recommend that the manufacturer reconsider their packaging. Our micro Polly fell out of her stand and we almost lost her out the hole they left open for the “Try Me!” feature.

The “Polly Pocket Go Tiny! Room Playset” is tiny in size and big on fun!

*Disclosure: I received a “Polly Pocket Go Tiny! Room Playset” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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