Faith and Lettering Journal

There are days when I find it difficult to slow down and focus on God’s word. There are so many distractions in my daily life that takes my attention away and focusing on scripture seems almost impossible. I will often read a passage from the Bible and then quickly move on with the next item on my “To Do” list. Bible Journaling helps me how to slow down and focus on a particular Bible passage, so I can really ponder its meaning. The “Faith and Lettering Journal” helps to teach me how to Bible Journal so that I can become engaged with God’s Word in a way that is exciting and relevant to me.

Faith and LEtter Journal

The “Faith and Lettering Journal” is a wonderful companion to the “Illuminate Your Story Journal” and “The Illuminated Word” Colouring Journal.  It can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel

It features a stunning hardcover journal with a cloth spine and measures 7 x 0.8 x 8.8 inches. There is an elastic pen loop on the spine to store your favourite pen. I love that the spine opens completely to lay flat while I am writing.

Faith and Lettering Journal Spine

Even though there is no right or wrong way to journal in your Bible, it can be difficult to start. What do I draw? How do I lay it out? What do I write? There are ten spreads that are designed to teach Bible Journaling. Each example has multiple columns to practice in and one column to trace the example. Initially, I tried to stay close to the example, but after a few tries, I started to let my own creativity shine.

Putting your pencil down on paper to begin drawing can be intimidating. Take a deep breath and just do it and remember that your drawing is only secondary, the real value in the drawing is how it draws you closer to God.

I am left-handed and I have a tendency to cover the example with my arm so I like to practice on a separate piece of paper.

The journal includes full page example illustrations to offer encouragement and inspiration. Being new to journaling these examples give me ideas on layouts for future journaling.

On the ruled pages you can record how your journaling experience has impacted your life or just write your thoughts and reflections on the scripture that is being shared. How you use these pages is totally up to you!

Faith and Lettering Full Page

Pro-tips on how to use and draw fonts, banners, doodles and flourishes can be found throughout the journal. You can use these details to enhance your layouts.

There are grid and dot grid spreads to practice new layouts. I love using the grid pages to try my drawing.  I’m a lefty so I tend to write and draw on angles in an effort to keep my hand from smudging my pages. The grids will help me keep my work straight and in proportion, without them, my drawings will tend to be lean to the left.

There are also spreads with deep margins to practice your journaling skills. I like to practice on these pages as they are closer to how I would journal in the margins of a Bible.

Faith and Lettering Margins

The “Faith and Lettering Journal” proves that it doesn’t require a skilled artist to create something beautiful. It only requires an open heart and mind and a willingness to experience God’s Word in a new and creative way. 

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Faith and Lettering Journal” through Worthy Publishing in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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