Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

My children adored their Fisher-Price Little People playsets. Even now, at ages 7 and 9 we still have the Nativity Set that we bring out and set up each year at the beginning of December. From the Little People Big Helpers Home to Noah and the Ark, there is a set that will capture the imagination of any child.

Little People House Front Door

The “Big Helpers Home” opens up to reveal two floors with multiple rooms for your little one to explore. With lots of hands-on and interactive play, your little one will be entertained for hours. Your child can practice being a ‘big kid’ as she helps around the house, feeds the dog (we call him Rufus), makes the bed and washes the dishes.  The fun never stops in the “Big Helpers Home”.

Little People House Open

What is Included in the Little People Big Helpers Home?

Included in this playset are  Emma, Jack and their Dog figures, a yellow bed, orange dog bowl and 2 chairs. There are also two connector tabs included allowing this house to connect to other Fisher-Price playsets.


The house features two floors filled with exciting things to discover. Press the red discovery buttons for sounds, songs and phrases. The button in the playroom flips the door open to Jack and Emma’s toys and the button in the kitchen turns on the light.

The bed can move from room to room. The is blanket is attached to the bed preventing it from getting easily lost. I have spent countless hours looking for small parts to many of their toys and always enjoy when pieces are not easily lost.

The “Big Helpers” home closes up for easy storage. When closed, all the pieces easily fit inside for storage.


Little People House Back


The sounds are sharp and clear when playing and the songs and phrases are in both French and English. This is a great way to introduce little ones to both official languages in Canada. The English phrase is spoken first, followed by the French.

I was unable to find a volume control, but the sound is at a comfortable listening level. I discovered the On/Off Switch to turn the sounds and lights off on the ceiling beside the light.

What Do I Think?

This playset is the same high quality of our other ‘Little People’ Playsets. The figures are easy to hold by little hands and are interchangeable with our sets. The connectors are newer than our older sets, so they are unable to link together. I prefer the new design because they are easier for small hands to attach together.

Little People Connectors

I love that I can wipe the house clean with warm soapy water to keep germs at bay. This is especially nice for toys that belong at a pre-school or home daycare.

This house encourages imaginative play, putting children in an environment that is familiar to them. Little ones will learn about helping others, playing together, teamwork, manner and being kind.

The colourful “Little People Big Helpers Home” is designed for children 1-5. It is quite large but folds up nicely for storage with a carrying handle that is easy for your little one to grasp.  Doors that open and close, a light that turns on and off and cute, familiar figures will be sure to keep your child entertained for hours.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Little People Big Helpers Home” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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