God’s Blessing Day By Day My Daily Devotional For Kits

During these cold winter months it can be hard to see the ways that God blesses us every day. the days often feel bitingly cold and dreary and we long for the lighthearted and sunny days of summer! “God’s Blessings Day by Day – My Daily Devotional for Kids” is a gentle reminder for children and adults that God blesses us each and every day, even when we sometimes neglect to see it!

Gods Blessing Day by Day

“God’s Blessings Day by Day” is a devotional filled with 312 devotions that will encourage your little one to spend time reading God’s word. It is a compilation of devotions written by more than 50 pastors and church leaders, and is edited by Dr. Johnny Hunt that will help your child explore God’s word and how he showers us with blessings each and every day.

The devotions are broken up into weeks and each week contains 6 devotions, Saturday and Sunday are combined into 1 devotional. Each day contains a 1 page devotional, verse, prayer and a truth about God to share with your little one.  Each devotional takes only 2 minutes to complete, but take some extra time with your child to discuss what you are reading and share your own faith ideas and understand of what you have read.

The table of contents shares the page where each week starts, but not the individual devotion title. It also shares the author’s name and church.  At the back of the book you will find a Scripture index.  The devotions cover both the Old and New Testaments.

What Do I Think?

I like that each devotional starts with a Bible verse written directly on the top of each devotion. My children often get frustrated when trying to find a particular verse in the Bible. Most of the verses are taken from the International Children’s Bible, an easy to read Bible for Children.

Each devotion is uses simple language and everyday situations to share God’s blessings and love with your little one. Each message of faith will help draw you and your child closer to God.

A prayer is included with each devotion, written in italic lettering and marked by stars so that it stands out easily.  Often it only takes a few words to start a conversation flowing. If you or your child struggle with starting a conversation with God, these short prayers are a wonderful way to start a prayer.

There are purple banners on each page share a truth about God. I love that these are easy to remember phrases sum up the devotion beautifully.

The artwork is charming with soft calming colours. 

I like that you can start this year long devotional can be at any time. The devotionals are numbered by a week number and day instead of by date. Be sure to mark your place with the ribbon bookmark that comes with the book.

“God’s Blessing Day by Day” is a beautiful daily devotional for children that will encourage your little one to look for God’s blessings every day! It is available at most major retail outlets including Tommy Nelson.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.








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