Nequare Disco Ball

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Nequare Disco Ball” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

We are working on setting up an entertainment room in the basement.  We want to make it a place where our kids and their friends will want to hang out.  The “Nequare Disco Ball” is one of the fun elements we want to add to the room to make it more fun during parties.

Nequare Disco Ball with Remote

The “Nequare Disco Ball” comes with the Disco Ball Strobe Light, Remote, Bracket and Manual.

The light measures approximately 3.25 inches across its base, and 4 inches high.  When the light is in its mounting bracket it measures approximately 4 inches across and 5 inches high. The power cord is approximately 49.5 inches, including the plug.

The Disco Ball has 7 different lighting modes, flash, rotating speed control and 3 sound-activated modes which can be activated via the remote.

The light can be turned on/off by pressing the red button on the remote.

Press Music 1 to turn the lights off and have them activated by sound.  Music 2 is a dynamic light effect and Music 3 has a strobe light effect.  Flash turns causes the light to flash indefinitely.  The white + and – buttons affect the speed of the rotation of the motor.

Nequare Disco Ball Remote

You can change the light effects by pressing the buttons A1 through A7.

  • A1 – Blue
  • A2 – Green
  • A3 – Red
  • A4 – Blue, Green
  • A5 – Red, Green
  • A6 – Blue, Red
  • A7 – Blue, Red, Green

Nequare Discoball Light Effects

I can not see any CSA approval marking on the light, only a Q.C. Passed sticker on the bottom. We left the light going for over 8 hours, and it was still cool to the touch.

The “Nequare Disco Ball” sound-controlled feature works best when it is close to the sound source. The short power cord can make putting it close to the sound difficult.

This is a little light with a big impact.  Kids will love the atmosphere it helps to create while rockin’ out to their favourite tunes.

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