Battat Deluxe Wooden Train Set

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My son adores trains. He has trains and tracks of all kinds from his electric HO set to wooden tracks. His first set was a wooden train set similar to the “Deluxe Wooden Train Set from Battat”. He played with that old track for hours and hours building and rebuilding the tracks.

Battat Deluxe Train Set

The “Battat Deluxe Wooden Track” gets 5 out of 5 stars from our engineer. It is compatible with his “Imaginarium” and “Thomas the Train” tracks. I am not familiar with the Brio brand, but I have read that it is also compatible with it.

Battat Deluxe Train Set

The set comes with 102 pieces, everything you need to get your train up and running.

Battat Deluxe Train Set

The wooden train set comes with 32 track pieces.

There are 18 large curved track pieces measuring approximately 6 inches, 10 are curved to the right and 8 are curved to the left.

The 2 small tracks measure approximately 3.5 inches and curve to the right.

The 2 double curved switching track will allow the train to travel in three new directions: straight, round the bend to the right and round the bend to the left. One switching track has 1 male and 3 female connectors while the other has 1 female and 3 male connectors. They measure approximately 6-inches.

The bridge is made of 1 6-inch bridge, 1 9-inch ascending track, 1 9-inch descending track and 2 bridge supports (measurements approximate).

There are 3 6-inch straight and 4 2-inch straight pieces of track.

In my opinion, the addition of a male-to-male connector and a female-to-female connector would be a great asset to this set. We had these pieces from another set and adding them to this track allows us to configure the track much more easily.

Battat Train Set

The set also comes with a variety of accessories. There are 3 yellow people, 3 blue people and 5 orange people. The people are not to scale with the rest of the set, but that doesn’t seem to affect the son’s enjoyment.

There are 6 different signs, 6 light posts, 6 bushes, 6 trees, 2 bridge connectors and 1 railway crossing set.

There are 11 buildings and 11 roof blocks. The buildings are like building blocks and you can mix and match them together and even stack buildings on top of each other.

Battat Deluxe Train Set

The “Deluxe Wooden Train Set” comes with 2 trains, 2 cabooses, 3 boxcars, 2 cars and a bus for a total of 10 pieces. The trains are connected via magnets.

Battat Wooden Deluxe Train Set

The track pieces are double-sided. One side has 2 tracks and the other size is smooth.

The pieces lock loosely together. This allows a little wiggle room when trying to build your track.

Battat Deluxe Train Set

The finish work on the set could use a little more work as there are drops of glue where it has dripped on some of the accessories and track switching track pieces. This is nothing that affects the play of the set, just visually unappealing.

Little ones will have fun building the track. The pieces fit easily together, even for the smallest hands. There will be times where frustration will set in because it just didn’t go together as expected but with a little perseverance the problem can be solved.

Battat Deluxe Train Set

For my son, who is a pro at building these sets, he would like to see fewer accessories and more track pieces.

Overall we are very happy with this set, It is a perfect starter set for any aspiring engineer.

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