Benefits of Owning a Murphy Bed

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You have most likely heard about murphy beds. Murphy beds are also known as wall beds. They are an excellent space-saving option for your home or apartment. Murphy beds are a practical and stylish to save space without making the room look dull. When you own a murphy bed, you have the option of tucking the bed into the wall when it isn’t in use. This frees up space for kids to play or for you to exercise. Murphy beds are also used as a guest bed, which allows you to hide it away when it isn’t needed. If you are unsure about owning a murphy bed, look at these benefits.

Space Savings

If you live in a condo, a small house or a studio apartment, you understand the importance of using your space efficiently. A murphy bed combines form with function. These beds are the ideal answer to saving space in your condo or studio apartment. Most house plans don’t use the wall space. Therefore, buying a murphy bed is an excellent way to maximize your square footage by utilizing your vertical space.

Multi-Functional Styles

Murphy beds come in various styles, which make them an ideal addition to your home. You can style a murphy bed as a bed cabinet, desk space, shelving, table, or drawer space. You can choose the style of murphy bed toronto you want, depending on the desired functionality. You can use a wall bed with a fold-out table if you have a small home or apartment.

Comfortable Sleep

Design enhancements on murphy beds have made it more comfortable than ever before. The wall beds have been made to allow an array of mattresses as well as mattress sizes so you don’t have to compromise a good night’s sleep for space. 

These are some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy after installing a murphy bed. But, make sure you get a professional for the task for better results. 

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