First Steps After Moving Into a New Home

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After successfully getting through the home buying process, it’s time to move in and start this next phase in life. Although you are excited and ready to make the new home your own, here are some first steps to make. You’ve come this far, but neglecting certain things may not get you off to the best start.

Do a Deep Clean

Regardless of whether you’re moving into a new build or a resale, you should strongly consider a deep clean of your home. You don’t know what kind of hidden dirt may have been left behind by the former owners. If your home was newly built or renovated, there’s a good chance that the contractors left behind a lot of dirt and debris. A brand new home gives you a clean slate that makes it easy to clean thoroughly. If you’re not up to the task, consult a specialist on Forest Hill Toronto homes for sale. They will know which cleaning service providers do great work.

Get New Locks

There’s no telling who had regular access to your home before you bought it, so you should change all the locks to your doors. Even for a new build, many contractors and craftspersons moved freely in and out of your home. Reach out to a locksmith who can quickly install deadbolts and additional locks on your doors. You may also consider contacting a security company to install smart locks that can be controlled electronically and/or opened by codes. Some smart locks can be installed as DIY projects.

Update Your Address

You can register your new address with the United States Postal Service and get your mail forwarded to your new home. Reach out to your bank, credit card lenders and other regular service providers and change your address directly. This is a great way to memorize your new address as well as review companies that you correspond with.

Getting started in a new home is an exciting time in life. Take these first steps to get a good start on this new phase. This is part of being a responsible homeowner.

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