LeapFrog LeapBuilders 81-Piece Jumbo Blocks Box

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Today’s kids are bombarded with so much screen time that they just don’t need to use their imaginations to play anymore. Building blocks like the “LeapBuilders Jumbo Blocks” allow kids to use their imaginations to build everything from cars to animals, the possibilities are endless.

LeapFrog LeapBuilders

The “LeapFrog LeapBuilders Jumbo Blocks Box” set comes with 81 pieces. There are 32 single blocks (half-size blocks), 16 double blocks (half-size blocks) , 6 double blocks, 3 triple blocks (half-size blocks) , 4 foot shaped blocks, 3 circular blocks, 2 body top blocks, 2 body bottom blocks, 13 letter blocks, 1 building pad and 3 building cards.

Leapfrog Builders

The set comes with a slim storage box that all the pieces fit into. There isn’t much room left for additional box blocks in the box.

Little ones can use the lid as a building pad.

LeapFrog LeapBuilders

There are 13 double-sided letter blocks. Each block has the letter and related image on it.

LeapFrog LeapBuilders

Little ones can have fun learning to spell simple words like CAT with the blocks. Unfortunately, because blocks are double-sided there are some words that can not be spelled like CAN or ANT because the letters A and N are on the same block.

LeapFrog LeapBuilders

Like many other LeapFrog sets, additional pieces are needed to maximize the full potential of the playset. Not included with the set is the LeapFrog Smart Star. With the Smart Star, your little one can insert the letter blocks and hear phrases and letter sounds.

The blocks are rounded on the edges. They are similar to Mega Bloks but not compatible.

LeapFrog LeapBuilders

The blocks are designed for little hands to easily stack and take apart.

The set comes with 3 double-sided building cards. Both my son (8 years old) and I had trouble building some of the examples because they only showed one angle of the build. We didn’t let that stop us and just used our imaginations to finish them.

LeapFrog LeapBuilders

We did complete the Deer to set up for the Christmas Holiday.

LeapFrog LeapBuilders

When children learn new skills through play, the love of learning comes easily. The “Leapfrog LeapBuilders Jumbo Blocks Box” can help your child learn colours, shapes and counting and are the perfect introductory blocks for little builders.

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