Princess Birthday Party – Playcircle by Battat

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It’s been 3 years since this photo was taken, but my daughter’s love for tea parties has never waned. For her Grandmother’s birthday, she set up a tea party in her room and was so happy to serve everyone ‘Tea and Cookies’. This tea party set is long gone but the memory is still fresh. She has upgraded to using real china now, but still smiles at the memory of her birthday tea party.

Tea Party

The “Princess Birthday Party” comes with everything you need to serve a perfect piece of cake to a party of four people.

Battat Princess Birthday Party

The set comes with 6 cake slices, 6 candles, 4 plates, 4 forks, serving tray, cake server and 1 birthday tiara.

Battat Princess Birthday Party

The set comes with 6 slices of cakes but only enough plates for 4 people. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your little one about thinking of others and sharing. In our case, since this is a pretend party, we just replaced the cake magically so that everyone could have a second slice!

The cake is beautifully decorated with whipped cream, cherries and strawberries on top.

Battat Princess Birthday Party

The candles have pegs on the bottom that fit into holes into the cake. The candles are skinny and pose a choking hazard for young children. The birthday sign fits loosely into the candle slot and fits into the center of the cake best.

Each place setting is coloured differently allowing each child to quickly and easily identify their cake.

Battat Princess Birthday Party

The playset can be handwashed with gentle soap. Let your little one learn how to wash up after hosting the perfect party! It is recommended that you do not place any of the pieces in the dishwasher.

Battat toys are made free from BPA, Phthalate and lead. Each toy is 100% non-toxic and passes all USA, all Canadian, and European toxicity and safety tests.

The birthday tiara could use some improvement, feeling much like dollar store quality. The comb is large and requires that I secure it in my daughter’s hair through her ponytail. The teeth of the comb are showing some wear after being bent.

Battat Princess Birthday Party

Playsets like the “Princess Birthday Party” teach little ones social skills like making introductions, making conversation, etiquette and taking turns.

Beyond social skills, little ones can learn addition, subtraction and even fractions using the cake. I love to use tea parties as a time to talk with my children about the things that are on their minds! You will be amazed at what you discover about your little one!

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