Battat Cooking Set

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My daughter loves to cook and has been gaining more and more independence in the kitchen every day. Over the Christmas break, she baked a batch of cupcakes without any help from anyone! She even cleaned up after herself! When she was younger playing with toys like the “Battat Cooking Set” helped her gain the confidence she needed to start cooking for our family. Now she is unstoppable!


The “Battat Cooking Set” comes with everything you need to prepare the perfect meal. The 21 piece set includes: storage container, 2 fry pans, dutch oven and lid, pot, 3 cookie cutters, mixing bowl, salt, pepper, egg beater, soup ladle, 3 spoons, rolling pin, 2 spatulas and a pastry wheel.

Battat Cooking Set

Kids will love to explore the kitchen and cook up fantastical meals using this playset, the possibilities are endless. Use the “Battat Pantry in a Bucket” or make your own food from playdough and other items.

My children like to use playdough to “bake cookies” using the rolling pin and cookie cutters. The only thing missing from this set is a little cookie sheet and oven mitt. We use the oven mitt from the “Smart Cookie Chef’s Apron Set by Battat” and use a little cookie sheet that I picked up at the dollar store.

The salt and pepper shakers make a rattle when you shake them. If your little one has long hair, use caution when playing with the egg beaters. It is easy for hair to get caught up in the gear as it spins.

The playset is made from plastic and can be hand-washed with gentle soap and water. Do not put them in the dishwasher.

The set comes in a storage box that is approximately the size of a shoebox. It does not have a lid.

The “Battat Cooking Set” will help your little one explore their culinary skills and develop a love for cooking.

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