Why We Stay Home – Suzie Learns About Coronavirus

Why We Stay Home” is a story that helps parents teach children about the Coronavirus. It is written by Samantha Harris and Devon Scott, two medical students from Southern California. Download it FREE from their website.

Why We Stay Home -Suzie Learns about Coronavirus - Story

Why We Stay Home” is the story of Suzie, a little girl whose life has been impacted by Coronavirus. Suzie is excited to be spending more time with her family. She doesn’t understand why they are staying home until her big sister Millie gives her a lesson on Coronavirus.

This story is beautifully written. It explains to young children what the Coronavirus is using words that are easy to understand. I love how the authors express the seriousness of the virus but not in a way that will give little ones a scare.

The authors have touched on many topics related to the pandemic. This story helps children discover answers to questions that are asked about Coronavirus like: “Why do we have to stay home?”, “What is Coronavirus?”, “Who can get Coronavirus?”, “What are the symptoms?”, “How can we prevent the spread of the virus?” and “What is social distancing?”

This story offers beautiful full-colour illustrations that help explain the story to young children.

Why We Stay Home” is an excellent way to start a conversation about Coronavirus with your children. Social distancing is a concept my children struggle to understand. After reading this story we talked about ways that we can keep in touch with our friends. I would love to see an addition to the book with talking points and activities that parents can do with their children after reading this book similar to those found in the Lima Bear Series of books.

This story is the first in the “Millie and Suzie” series of books. My family looks forward to reading the rest of the stories.

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