We Can Do It!: Stories for Brave Little Kids

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My children are growing up and are becoming independent readers, but they still love to snuggle and read a story or two before bed. Reading stories like “We Can Do It! Stories for brave little kids” with them is something that I cherish because it will not be very long before they no longer want to come and read with me.

We Can Do It by Daniel Gershovitz

“We Can Do It! Stories for brave little kids” written by Daniel Gershovitz is a collection of four stories with messages of self-confidence, capability and self-esteem.

The Lion Cub

Story Cover The Lion Cub

The first story in the book is “The Lion Cub”. The story is about a curious little lion cub who lives with his Dad at the zoo. When the little cub asks his father why the animals cry at night he is saddened to learn that they miss their home in the Savanna. The little cub sets out on an adventure to free his friends.

The lion cub teaches little ones that it’s important to always try to do the right thing. Our actions, big or small, impact all those around us and it’s important that we take responsibility for our actions.

This story opened the door to a discussion about animals living in captivity. My children were sad to learn how many animals are captured without thought to their well-being. We talked about animals living in places like “Little Rays Reptile Zoo” where approximately 80% of the animals in their care are rescued, seized or unwanted pets that can no longer live in the wild. “The Lion Cub” is a little story with a big message.

The Brave Fish

Story Cover - The Brave Fish by Daniel Gershkovitz

The next story is “The Brave Fish”. The author weaves a tale about a little fish who bravely faces all the challenges of the sea to make his dreams come true.

In this story, the Princess offers a challenge to her would-be suitors. The fish who brings back the Elephant Tusk Stone from the Deep Dark Sea would get her fin in marriage. One brave little fish is up to the task and braves the horrors of the Deep Dark Sea to find the stone.

This is a story that at face value is a simple tale of following your dreams, but there are more things that can be discussed when you look a little deeper. The story can lead to a discussion on buying friendships and love. Does someone need to ‘prove’ their love to gain it? Another topic to discuss is about facing our fears to achieve our goals, like the brave little fish.

The Little Ship

Book Cover The Little Ship by Daniel Gershkovitz

The third story in the book is “The Little Ship”. When Bootsie, a beautiful little ship, is bullied by a bigger and older boat in the sea he challenges the older ship to a race. When a storm arises will the boats survive?

It is a story about a little ship who stands up to a bully to prove that no matter our size it’s important to have a kind heart.

Take a few moments to talk with your children about what it means to be a bully. The older ship was using words to hurt Bootsie. This is a great reminder to our little ones that our words can hurt our friends, and that once spoken they can not be taken back.

Lou The Cat

Book Cover - Lou the Cat by Daniel Gershkovitz

The final story is “Lou the Cat”. Lou is an adventurous cat who sets out to explore the world along with his butterfly friend. When trouble finds the duo will they have the courage to do what is right?

This story teaches little one about the importance of listening to Mom or Dad, even when we think that we know best. It is also an important lesson on peer pressure and how it can sometimes lead us astray.

Lou worries about what Butterfly thinks of him. Take a few moments to talk with your little one about different ways to recognize and deal with peer pressure.

The lion cub and his friends

My Thoughts

The book is written in rhyme and is easy to read aloud. I did find that some of the “rhymes” just didn’t flow smoothly when I read the story aloud.

Each illustration is full of rich colour and beautifully drawn. Each character has it’s own personality. The text is easy to read but on some pages, it gets slightly difficult to read when it is over parts of the illustrations.

“We Can Do It! Stories for brave little kids” would be wonderful to read in a classroom setting and create a lesson around them. I would love to see the author create worksheets that I could use in a classroom setting.

The author, Daniel Gershkovitz, has written a series of books that will delight readers of all ages. Get social with the author and follow him on Facebook and Instagram or purchase this book on Amazon.com.

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