NimNik 150 Piece Art Set

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My children love to draw and paint. During the “Great Lock-Down of 2020” they participated in several online art classes where they had the opportunity to explore different mediums. Since then we have spent time looking for art supplies to create that “perfect” design.

Children Drawing

The “NimNik Art Set” contains 150 pieces in one convenient carry case. The plastic case measures 14.25 x 12 inches. It has a carry handle and a snap lock to keep it closed. The plastic is sturdy enough to store the set but will not stand up to much abuse.

NimNik Art Set

Inside the set, you will find a variety of art supplies. It includes: 36 markers, 24 wax crayons, 24 oil pastels, 24 colour pencils, 20 paperclips, 12 watercolours, 1 paintbrush, 1 paint palette, 1 mini stapler, 1 pair of scissors, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 mini glue bottle, 1 ruler, 1 eraser and 1 pencil. We were missing 7 paper clips and white paint.

NimNik Art Set

Everything in the set is miniature. I find them difficult to hold but my children like using them in their smaller hands.

NimNik Art Set

The markers measure approximately 3.5 inches from end to cap tip. The tips are fat which makes them easy to colour large areas. The covers do not snap onto the ends so sometimes they get misplaced.

My children love the small size of the pencil crayons. They measure approximately 3.5 inches. They will quickly become too small to use after a few sharpening.

I am not familiar with using oil pastels. These feel someone similar to crayons only slightly waxier. They measure approximately 2.25 inches.

The crayons measure 3.5 inches and are smooth to colour with.


The markers have bright bold colours while the pencil crayons, oil pastels and pencil crayons have softer colours. The oil pastels tend to leave ‘waxy’ blotches on the children’s art.

The stapler is very tiny and does not come with any extra staples. I am not sure where I can purchase additional staples to fit. The scissors are plastic and suitable for cutting paper but they tend to not work well on other items.

The watercolours can be mixed on the paint palette to create additional colours. I personally am not a fan of the paint brush and prefer using something with softer bristles.

The “NimNik Art Set” can be purchased on It is a good set for a budding artist. All the items are stored in the case and easy to see and access when the using the art set. Overall this is not a professional art set, but would be suitable for children just wanting some basic art supplies.

Have you got any awesome ideas for crafty gifts? What’s your favourite thing to that your kids love to draw or create? Tell us below in the comments.

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