3 Home Heating Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

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Winter is on the way, which means it’s time for homeowners to turn their focus toward keeping the house warm. While some may accomplish that by simply turning up the thermostat a few degrees, many individuals are looking to add heat without the extra cost. Electricity prices are expected to rise nearly 3 percent this winter, so many households will be in greater need of cutting costs without sacrificing comfort. However, homeowners still need to hire a professional hvac contractor like the ones from Energy Pro Heating & Cooling and get ac repair services before the hot summer weather in Bondville, IL to maintain its energy efficiency and prevent your bills from skyrocketing. Calling in a professional hvac services technician can help in maintaining the energy-efficiency of your heating system.

Here are some simple tips to warm your home without breaking the budget.

Attic Action

You might not spend much time in the attic, but it plays an important role in your heating costs and if you’re finding ways on how to reduce carbon footprint – this deserves consideration. When attics are under-insulated or have cracks and holes, it provides a way for hot air to escape or cold air to enter. Whether it’s your heated air in the winter or conditioned air in the summer, it’s money wasted. Installing insulation and plugging cracks will keep temperatures intact, while also preventing water leaks and prolonging the life of your shingles. Homeowners looking for long-term savings should consider Pittsburgh spray foam insulation or in their area.

Curtain Call

There’s no heat like free heat, so open the curtains on east-facing windows in the morning, and then the west-facing windows in the afternoon. Keep curtains closed, however, on windows that don’t receive direct sunlight, or on overcast days and when the sun has set. Doing so can reduce heat loss by around 10 percent.

Strip Search

Just like cracks in the attic, much of a home’s heat escapes through gaps around windows and doors. Applying weather stripping will seal these openings, preventing heated gain or loss. Eventually, however, weather stripping wears out and needs to be replaced. Make a point to check every window and door and replace old weather stripping if it appears to be worn down.

The weather outside may be frightful, but your heating bill doesn’t need to be. Try these tips to increase your heat while decreasing your spending. For more tips on how to save money please visit the “Family and Home” section of our website.

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