Nestor and the Birds: A Tale of Compassion

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This has been a difficult year for many people. My kids have been struggling with this “new normal”, trying to remember all the new rules that are in place to keep everyone safe. Sometimes they feel a little lost and alone…a little bit like “Nestor” in the story “Nestor and the Birds”.

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“Nestor and the Birds” by Deeksha Palanna is the story of a hiker named Nestor who gets lost in the woods. Scared and alone, Nestor hunkers down in a cave and loses hope that he will never find his home again.

While Nestor wallows in his own misery he finds some hatchlings that are in a worse situation than his own. Without his help, the little birds are destined to die. A compassionate Nestor helps the birds even though his own situation is desperate. In the process, Nestor discovers that by helping others he can find joy despite his own sadness.

This is a story about compassion and hope. Nestor’s story reminds us that even if we are feeling sad and alone helping others can help make us feel better.

The illustrations are fun to explore. There are little hidden gems found on the pages, like the creature hiding in a tree or the little skunks. Art is a subjective thing, and although the images are not a style I normally choose as a picture book, they are still quite lovely. I was immediately drawn to the birds in the story, their eyes are expressive. It is easy to imagine all the mischief the birds would get into.

“Nestor and the Birds” is a great story to read, especially now during the lock-downs. It reminds us that it is always important to be kind, and by doing so we not only help others, but we help ourselves.

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