Right Before Sleep (Milo and Cat) eBook

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My daughter still struggles to fall asleep at night and often asks me for ways to help her fall asleep. When she was younger, we would read together before bed. “Right Before Sleep (Milo and Cat)” is a sweet story that shares different things your little one can try to help fall asleep.

Right Before Sleep Milo and Cat eBook

In the story “Right Before Sleep” written by Miro Tartan, Milo and his cat are struggling to fall asleep and with the help of the “Know It All Book” they try different activities to help them easily fall asleep.

The story is written in rhyme and flows well when read aloud. The full-colour illustrations are beautifully done with soft colours and friendly characters.

I love the ideas that the story offers little ones to try to fall asleep. Each one is something practical that kids can try like a warm bath, reading a book or snuggling with a loved one. My daughter still struggles to fall asleep and finds comfort knowing that we all have times where we find it difficult to fall asleep.

“Right Before Sleep” is the perfect story to read before bed to help your little one fall asleep. Filled with beautiful illustrations and a fun twist at the end, your little one will enjoy reading this story again and again.

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