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We love to have a family movie night. We were thrilled to sit down together and watch “Church People“, a new Christian comedy coming to theatres and churches starting March 13, 2021.

Church People is tongue-in-cheek look at today’s church. Guy Sides, America’s Youth Pastor, discovers that he has lost his way. His ministry has been overtaken by theatrics and people are no longer hearing the Gospel of Jesus. Guy longs to return to the basics and goes on a journey to bring his ministry and people back to the Lord. His attempts to return to a “regular” youth ministry are thwarted by Pastor Skip who wants to preform the biggest Easter publicity stunt of all time. Will pastor Guy find the answer to life’s biggest question: “Is the Gospel enough?”

Church People Film

“Church People” takes some of the common stereotypes of Christians and portrays them in an over the top manner which makes for some unique and funny moments. By the end of the movie, it uses these stereotypes to drive home the message of what’s truly important.

I love that this movie is great clean comedy. It can be hard to find a movie that is suitable for the entire family. I like that I can relate to the storyline even though I come from a small country church of about 28 people and not a mega church. I prepare the children’s message and often struggle with the question, “Is the Gospel enough or do I need to add something more to keep the kids engaged?”

Church People Film

The discussion guide on their website that is filled with thought provoking questions. It features clips of the film and a 5-session breakdown of the Gospel and its effect on our lives.

“Church People” is a refreshing comedy that would be great to share with a Bible Study group or to watch with family and friends.

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