Bedtime Stories: Moments to Cherish

Life is full of little moments that make it truly worth living. We often spend our waiting for some big event that we believe will bring the happiest memories, when in reality it’s the simple moments spent together with the ones we love that bring the best memories. I cherish the moments I spend with my children reading bedtime stories together.

Bedtime Stories

My son and I are reading “Dragons of Introvertia” by James and Bit Barringer together. Each evening we spend few minutes together on an epic adventure in a far off land. I hope it’s these moments he’ll remember.

My daughter loves to steal a few minutes of her own before bed to read. When it’s time to turn the lights out, she’ll turn on an audiobook and drift off to dreamland listening to stories of fairies and magical warriors.

Finding the perfect story is an adventure on its own. I love to explore reading lists compiled by theme like this list of inspiring books that center around the girls as the main character.

There are many free resources of bedtime stories. Each day there are free books available on Amazon. This is an amazing way discover new authors and genres.

On nights when my children have trouble falling asleep we like to read guided meditation scripts together.

Through this blog I have had the honour to review books by amazing authors like Theodore Jerome Cohen and Carole P Roman.

Reading together at bedtime has always been an important part of our lives. It’s a way my children and I can connect at the end of the day.

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