Too Many Socks

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Laundry can be a daunting chore even for the most dedicated person. It seems to multiply when you aren’t looking. It’s not hard to imagine how Junior felt when staring at his massive pile of unmatched socks in the story “Too Many Socks” by Kerry and Adam Del Guidice.

Too Many Socks - Cover Page

In the tale of “Too Many Socks”, Junior has been assigned the task of cleaning up his room before his Mom comes home. There is only one problem, his room has been completely taken over with too many socks! There are socks everywhere, from under the bed to hanging off picture frames. Junior is overwhelmed by the task before him, but with a little help from his Dad, and pet pooch Cloud, Junior discovers that he can tackle this huge problem one mismatched sock at a time. Will the trio be able to match all the socks before Mom comes home?

While the idea of having 1000’s of mismatched socks is far-fetched, we have all been faced with a task that seems impossible to complete. This story teaches us that no matter how large a task appears to be, by tackling it one “sock” at a time it can be done. Take a few moments to talk with your little one about tackling big projects one step at a time.

The story also teaches us that it is okay to ask for help. Junior discovered that with a little guidance from his Dad, he is able to match all the socks. Junior learns from his Dad how to tackle the problem of cleaning his room and matching socks so that the next time he needs to tidy his room he will know how to do it.

The story is told in rhyme. I love stories like this for new readers, which allows them to learn words that are new to them by using both rhyming and picture clues. I like how the text is placed on solid background colours to make it easier to read.

The authors have partnered with “Knock Knock Give a SOC (KKGS)” to donate 50% of net revenues from sales of this book to KKGS. My children love to pack blessing bags to give to those in need and we always make sure there are clean and dry socks in each bag. We love to know that by purchasing a copy of this book we can help support a great cause that is close to our hearts.

“Too Many Socks” is a fun story about tackling big project in little steps. Get your copy today on Amazon.

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