Opportunity Zone Investing: The Complete 8-Step System

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Investing in opportunity zones is a sound way to give back to the community. It is important investors understand how to utilize this tool for investment, so they can make concise decisions. Individuals also need to realize why opportunity zone investment is so important.

What Is Opportunity Zone Investing?

Before delving into a complete step-by-step system for opportunity zone investment, it is important to have a clear understanding of the opportunity zones investment strategy investors plan to use. Individuals also need to understand what opportunity zone investing is and its importance.

Opportunity zones are economic development tools that help to improve distressed areas in the United States. The purpose of this tool is to help with economic growth and to create jobs in vulnerable areas. This tool was developed as a part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Benefits of Investing in Opportunity Zones

One of the biggest advantages of opportunity zones is the tax benefits they offer. Opportunity zones provide the following tax benefits to investors.

  • Investors can temporarily defer taxes owed on previously earned capital gains.
  • An investor can also step up previously earned capital gains.
  • Finally, investors will also benefit from the permanent exclusion of any taxable income on new gains.

With so many tax advantages being offered, it is no surprise investors are looking towards opportunity zones. Those who are interested need a step-by-step guide to help them in the process.

Complete 8-Step System to Opportunity Zone Investing

There are multiple steps that are necessary for investing in opportunity zones. Taking these steps one at a time will help investors make sound choices that will benefit their communities and their investments.

1. Investors must learn how opportunity zones work. While it may seem obvious this would be the first step, it is surprising to see many investors diving head-first into opportunity zone investing without having a clue what they are getting themselves into in the process. Proper due diligence in research is essential for investors.

2. Once an investor is well-versed in opportunity zones, they will need to start searching for investment opportunities. There are multiple mapping tools available to help investors find opportunity zones that match their interests.

3. Next, investors need to discover the right platform to help them find off-market investment opportunities. These platforms allow for easy searches that save time for investors who want to move quickly with their next project.

4. An investor will then need to obtain ownership information, so they can contact the owner and learn more about the property. With the right platform, obtaining this information will be easier.

5. It is important for investors to either self-certify or search for an opportunity zone fund to help them in their investment. There are a number of options available for investors.

6. Creating a pitch is an integral part of opportunity zone investment. Building a pitch and reaching out to owners is a safe way of investing in opportunity zones.

7. It is also important investors reach out to the decision-makers that are behind the property. Building a more personalized pitch is essential for getting everyone on board.

8. Finally, investors will need to watch their investment property grow and wait to reap the tax benefits that are offered. This process takes time but is well worth the effort.

Opportunity Zones Are Available

There are now more opportunity zones than ever before, affording investors many options. According to recent census numbers, at least 12% of census tracts are opportunity zones.


Investing in opportunity zones will be much easier with the above guide. It also helps to have a platform to assist with the steps involved in investing.

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