If You Were Me And Lived In American West

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Every summer my children and I venture down to Orwell Corner. The kids love to take a journey back in history to 1895 and explore the general store, church, farm, blacksmith forge and school. Books like “If You Were Me And Lived In The American West” help answer many of the questions my children have about what life was like in the “old days”.

Orwell Corner

“If You Were Me And Lived In The American West” is another instalment in the “If You Were Me and Lived In…” series of books by Carole P Roman. The book introduces your little one to what life would be like for the early settlers in the American West as they travel the Oregon Trail in search of a better life.

It is written in a similar format to other books in the series. When the author introduces a difficult word she shows the pronunciation in parentheses within the text. This is a great feature not only for adults who may be reading the story aloud, but for little readers who are still learning.  At the end of the book is a guide that gives the pronunciation and definition as well as a special section of famous people from the American West.

My kids enjoy the common themes that run through the book series. They are excited to learn what their name might have been. In this book we learn what types of food we would have eaten and what school would have been like, as well as the hardships and joys of life on the trail.

My son’s favourite part of the book was the section where the author discussed how the young girl made butter. He decided he would try to make some of his own.

“If You Were Me And Lived In…The American West” touches on the various aspects of life on the Oregon Trail. Where will we go next?

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