Donkeys Can’t Take Bubble Baths!

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There’s nothing more relaxing than a a bath filled with luxurious bubbles. In “Donkeys Can’t Take Bubble Baths!” by Pragya Tomar, we meet best friends, Unicorn and Donkey. These two friends couldn’t be any more different, Unicorn is neat and clean while Donkey is…well, a muddy mess.

Donkeys Can't Take Bubble Baths

Donkey is intrigued by the luxurious bubble bath that Unicorn is taking. The bubbles smell delicous and the water is the perfect temperature. He wants to jump in the mysterious bubble bath, but he’s covered in mud. Does Unicorn let the muddy Donkey relax in the tub?

Although the story is full of humour, it has some very important lessons for us all. One of the biggest take-aways for me is that we can be friends with someone, even if they are our polar opposite. Sometimes having that friend who can pull us out of our shell is exactly what we need. I love that the author has shown us that differences can be amazing!

Some folks may take objections to Unicorn and Donkey sharing a bath. This isn’t something that came up in conversation with my children, but if it is a concern take a moment to discuss what is and isn’t appropriate at bathtime with your little one.

The story is wonderfully illustrated with bright images that are fun and cheerful. You can feel the “crazy” that is Donkey and the “pretentiousness” of Unicorn. I love the feelings of movement that the illustrator, Ramona Maclean has captured throughout the story.

The story is told in comic book style, which is a format that my children love. The text on each page is short, and it is fun to read both silently and aloud.

Donkey’s Can’t Take Baths” is a hilarious book that will entertain readers both young and old.

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