Tips for Grooming Your New Puppy

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Some of the basic tasks involved with taking care of your new puppy can be surprisingly difficult. Nevertheless, it’s important to give your puppy all of the essential grooming care that he or she needs. Here are some tips for taking care of some basic puppy maintenance.

Grooming your new puppy

Be Patient and Consistent About Brushing

Grooming your new fur baby can be challenging. Puppy energy can make it hard to sit still for brushing. Puppies don’t have the dense coats that they may develop later on, but that can change quickly. Breeds with thicker coats need more frequent brushing than short-haired breeds. Show line german shepherd breeders may recommend having your puppy get used to brushing early on in life. Make brushing a positive experience by rewarding your pup with some treats. Having your puppy bite a toy can keep them distracted while you’re removing excess fur.

Trim Claws Carefully

You have to be extremely careful when trimming a puppy’s nails. Dog’s nails have a quick inside. If you cut too close to the quick, you risk hurting your pup. A jarring experience while getting nails clipped could make a dog loathe the process forever. Watch tutorials, view diagrams, and be sure to trim carefully. Your veterinarian can show you how to take care of trimming yourself without hurting your pup. You might also consider using an electronic file instead of clippers.

Start Brushing Teeth Right Away

Getting your puppy into the habit of brushing while he or she may be advantageous. Even before your puppy has permanent teeth, you should start showing your pup that brushing teeth is nothing to be afraid of.  

Good strategies for taking care of necessities and getting into good habits early on will. Making a good start with grooming will serve your new furry family member well for years to come.

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