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“God With Us A Journey Home” is a beautiful story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Ever since I was little, Heaven has always been described to me as journey, a final destination and a place to meet loved ones again. It has never been described to me as “Home”. “God With Us” has changed my thoughts and how I think of Heaven.

God With Us A Journey Home Cover

“God With Us” written by Jeremy Pierre is told from the perspective of two un-named angels. They tell the stories of the Bible from the unique perspective that angels have of always known God and have always been in his presence. The angels struggle to understand human behaviour since they have never been separated from God. This is a unique perspective of retelling the story of the bible that gave me pause for thought.

God With Us A Journey Home

I love how throughout the book they keep referring to this is “your story”. Too often I think of the people in the Bible as these far off people and struggle to see how their stories relate to me, in the here and now. The stories shared in this book show how that people throughout history have been searching for “home” too.

The book has an underlying theme of God’s presence in our lives. It shows how He loves us and continues to love us even though we don’t always make the right choices. How he feels grief, anger, joy and mercy for us.

I found that some of the stories were a little vague and left me wanting to know more. The beginning of each chapter has the scripture reference, so I was able to follow up the stories on Bible Gateway.

The author has selectively chosen stories that show a grand overview of our journey to reach heaven. At first I didn’t understand why the author chose these particular stories until Chapter 26 when the author tied them all together. I have grown up in the church my entire life, but it was presented in a such a way that it made sense to me in a way it has never done before.

God With Us A Journey Home - Adam and Eve

I think this book is best suited for pre-teen children and up. The illustrations by Cassandra Clark are lovely, full of little details for you to explore.

“God With Us” is a grand over-view of our story as humans, the story of our journey “Home”.

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